One of our clients recently described Chiumento as being like a Mini – the quality of BMW just in a smaller package. They went on to say that like a Mini we are almost infinitely flexible – allowing their business to get exactly what they wanted every time. Rather than being shoe-horned into a “one size fits all” solution that may make process and efficiency sense but leaves clients feeling part of a machine rather than a true partnership.

We rather liked that description. Small, impactful, desirable, high quality, responsive and flexible. Yes that’s us. These qualities have been part of the Chiumento DNA since we were founded in 1994.  They have created a flexibility and personality that makes us refreshingly different. Our distinctive style and pragmatic attitude can help you address even the most challenging and sensitive people issues.

Today we work with public and private sector organisations across the UK. With over 120 consultants we have the ability to scale up fast to tackle large scale projects in any part of the country. Our team includes Occupational Psychologists, Executive Coaches and HR professionals from both specialist and generalist backgrounds.

We remain privately owned and proudly independent. We are also delighted to be the chosen UK partner of the Arbora Group – a global network of locally owned and managed HR consultancies. Through Arbora we can implement global solutions that also reflect local best practice.