We only specialise in one thing: people. We don’t “pigeon hole” Chiumento clients as public or private sector, large or small. To us every client is as unique as the people they employ. Their challenges are as different as the products they make or services they provide.

Clients come to Chiumento because of our ability to deliver what they want in a way that fits their culture and their budget. In our annual quality surveys the constant themes are agility, quality, practicality and care. We don’t push “one way, right way” solutions. Rather we listen first and then collaborate with our clients to build the right solution. These may utilise tried and tested frameworks, often re-shaped and configured in ways that are unique to a specific organisation.

Much of the work we do is sensitive and we believe in respecting client confidentiality. Even though there are times when we feel like shouting about what we do from the rooftops. Many of our clients are happy for us to talk in private about what we have done for them but prefer us not to splash the details across the internet. We will respect your confidence in the same way. For now lets just say we work with some of the best known brands in the UK. From financial services to the NHS, retail to manufacturing and from IT to hospitality. We also have universities, county councils, government departments, charities and pharmaceutical companies on our client list. So whatever sector you are in, you will be in good company.