Chiumento has built an international reputation for original, and sometimes challenging, HR research. Our aim is to provide the HR profession with new insight into the interface between people and work – with a particular emphasis on improving organisational performance.

Data gathering is conducted for us by leading market research companies to ensure validity and reliability. The raw data is then analysed by the expert Chiumento team – often discovering surprising and unexpected outcomes.

Our HR research reports are always written in a punchy, even “edgy” style that is designed to stimulate debate amongst our clients and the wider business community. Our language around “corporate prisoners” for example raised eyebrows in some quarters. However it also ensured a lively debate about people we’ve always known existed but had often ignored.

We are always interested in hearing from clients and HR professionals looking for additional insight into the challenges of people management. We may already have data that we can bring to bear on burning questions. Or you may just inspire the direction of our next research project.

If you have a topic you’d like to discuss – or suggest – then please contact Ian Gooden.

Corporate Prisoners

Our work on Corporate Prisoners – people who stay in jobs they’d rather not do – grabbed media attention around the world. It looked at how the recession had swelled the ranks of dispirited workers with consequent implications for motivation and performance. It also predicted a huge surge of staff turnover when the economy returned to growth. As latest CIPD research indicates, that prediction looks set to be realised in the months ahead…

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Riding the Career Carousel

Our Riding the Career Carousel research challenged whether the traditional view of the “career ladder” was valid in a world of low staff turnover, flatter organisational structures, rapid technological change and no compulsory retirement age. It highlighted how career management needed to focus more on motivation, energy and happiness at work and less on promotion as measure of success.

The report also helped us build our own career motivation model. The data we gathered being used to drive a simple career motivation diagnostic tool that will shortly be launched as an Android “app”.

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The Silver Revolution

The Silver Revolution investigated some of the challenges of managing an older workforce. While many large organisations have specialist units focused on the careers of new graduates we questioned how many had similar expertise at the other end of the age spectrum? Our research came up with some detailed findings on the different motivations of older workers compared to their younger colleagues and challenged a number of stereotypes.

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