Mike Whittaker


Mike utilises an enabling, supportive and challenging approach to help others with personal transitions and facilitate change within organisations.

He encourages people to acknowledge their individual skills and achievements in such a way as to manage their own careers effectively. Self belief and high confidence levels pave the way for consistently high standards that improve both individual and organisational performance.


During the last 8 years Mike has worked almost exclusively on extensive career management programmes across a wide range of sectors. Prior to this his own business focussed on organisational and management development. Experiences both as a consultant and the first part of his career in HR were used in the 3 practical manuals he co –wrote for Gower Publishing: “The Mentoring Manual,” “32 Activities on Coaching & Mentoring” and “50 Activities for Achieving Change.”

His Supportive and challenging approach includes:

  • Allowing individuals to carefully review their options
  • Identifying their skills and achievements to facilitate their career progression
  • Enabling people to manage change effectively
  • Building up confidence levels in potentially stressful/traumatic situations

Personal attributes:

  • A supportive and challenging style
  • An ability to actively listen enabling others to arrive at their own pragmatic solutions
  • A highly effective facilitator in both group and one to one situations
  • A passionate desire to provide an excellent service to both individuals and organisations

Education, Qualifications, Professional Positions

  • BA French & German 
  • SPIN [Huthwaite Research]
  • Negotiating [Huthwaite Research]
  • Coaching & Mentoring Training

Selected Client Companies

  • Akzo Nobel
  •    BAE Systems
  •    NG Bailey
  •    Bayer Group
  •    DWP
  •    Government Solicitor’s Office
  •    Nestle
  •    Northern Foods
  •    Royal Sun Alliance
  •    Santander
  •    Virgin Media
  •    Vodafone
  •    Whitbread
  •    Zurich