Neil Sampson


Neil’s passion is to use his abilities to help others discover their ability and potential, which he delivers through objective assessment techniques and coaching that help reveal opportunities and possibilities.

He helps people to understand the reality of their situation, evaluate  options, action plan and then commit to delivery. Gaining a genuine understanding of personal goals, aspirations and the context in which they operate is critical to maximise performance and optimise potential for the benefit of themselves and the organisation.


Since 2002 when he left corporate employment to start up his own Talent Management consultancy, Neil has developed his skills from Executive Resourcing to being a personal and team Performance Improvement coach. Since 2009 has extended his expertise into Career Transition, since when he has worked with 100+ individuals.

His pragmatic approach includes

  • Encouraging full disclosure of the current reality and feelings
  • Identifying core competencies, motivations and under-utilised potential
  • Empowering individuals to develop a focus that will deliver sustainable performance improvement and identifying opportunities and possibilities
  • Engendering self-confidence, enthusiasm for self-development and motivation to achieve short and long term goals

Personal attributes

  • Strong empathy and respect for others through openness and honesty
  • Challenges self-perceptions, facilitating self-reflection and the identification of evidence based abilities
  • Passionate about helping others utilising their potential

Education, Qualifications, Professional Positions

An Executive Resourcing, Assessment, Development and Career Transition practitioner with 25 years consulting experience across Industrial, Commercial and Public sectors.

With qualifications in Business Studies and Human Resource Management, professional training includes Competency Profiling, Leadership Training Design, Coaching, and Assessment and Development Centres.  Neil is trained in a wide range of psychometric instruments including personality questionnaires (OPQ, Wave, MBTI), motivation questionnaires, 360 degree tools and business simulation exercises.

Selected Client Companies

  • Compass Group
  • Experian
  • Atos Consulting
  • Ashridge Business School