For Chiumento, values aren’t just hollow words that look good in a brochure or on this website. They have been developed by our whole team and encapsulate what it means to be part of our business. Behind them, we’ve defined the behaviours that we expect all of our people to demonstrate every day. It’s critical for a business that believes clients make choices as much for the experience they will receive as the expertise they can access.

We have embedded our values in our assessment centre processes for staff and consultants. They guide our development planning and our performance management system. They set the tone for every service we develop and every relationship we build.



Ask most Chiumento clients why they chose us, and keep working with us, and they will tell you it is as much about the “how” as the “what”.

In a crowded market, Chiumento stands out because it actually does things that others just talk about.

  • We genuinely operate as a partner
  • We adapt our approach effortlessly to match your needs and culture
  • We focus on knowledge transfer
  • We grow the capability of your team, not just take away problems
  • We are big enough to support you through major projects
  • We are small enough never to forget who is the client
The solution is about you, not us – and has to become part of the DNA of your organisation to be successful.


Our extensive and experienced associate team means that we can build project teams quickly without compromising on quality.

Every member of our team has been through an exacting assessment centre process to check they are as passionate and motivated as they are technically competent.

  • We work at a pace to make things happen on time, every time
  • We are genuinely passionate about what we do
  • We feel passion is as important as technical competence
  • We constantly innovate to bring new services and ideas to our clients
  • We push the boundaries of technology further through our exciting Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Oxford Brookes University.


“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us…” this sums up perfectly our approach to consultancy. We never forget that a project is your journey – not ours and that our job is to guide and support you along the way.

Your satisfaction will be judged as much by the experience as reaching the destination. Along the journey we can provide much more than technical expertise and pairs of hands. Where appropriate, this may include providing counselling, mentoring or coaching – tackling the political and cultural challenges that can as easily derail a project as the technical ones.

Our success is ultimately measured in leaving you with a solution that is completely embedded in your culture and processes and is part of your organisational DNA capable of being sustained by your people


Part of our job is to help clients recognise the true nature of their challenge. Sometimes that means helping them get past the symptoms to identify the cause. This can mean asking difficult, and sometimes politically sensitive, questions that unlock the real issues.

In this way we focus resources and budget on the right things, ensuring you end up with a solution not a “sticking plaster”. We are also brave enough to challenge existing thinking on HR issues. That means coming “off the fence” and expressing a clear point of view.

Brave also means recognising that sometimes we need help to give you the right solution. That’s why we have a range of selected partner organisations whose expertise and resources complement our own. All joined up into a seamless delivery model by our incomparable project management team.


If we can’t help you we will tell you. We will not take on a project and then muddle through to a compromised outcome. What you see is what you get. You don’t meet high powered sales people who suddenly vanish once the business has been won to be replaced by a team of less experienced, junior colleagues.

We deliver on our promises and encourage on-going feedback on our performance. We are owner-managed which means easy and quick decision making. It also means less bureaucracy and the ability to talk to a member of the senior team without navigating through layers of management. We operate simple, transparent pricing with no hidden extras