Why use HR mentoring?

Have you ever wanted to promote a high potential HR professional but been worried that it might just be too soon? Or how about wishing to offer a development opportunity (such as a key strategic project) to a rising star but feeling compelled to bring in an interim manager or consultant with greater depth of expertise? Well Chiumento now has the solution.

Our HR mentoring programmes are designed to take the risk out of giving such opportunities to your high potentials. We will provide them with an experienced and inspirational mentor who will make sure they succeed. Not only will their mentor provide the individual with encouragement and technical advice but they can also offer practical help too if needed. For you it means peace of mind that the individual will never be “out of their depth”. And for the individual it means never being set up to fail.

Our HR Mentors

All of our mentors are acknowledged experts in their field of HR. They range from former HR Directors to heads of functions such as Reward, Talent and Recruitment. We also have senior Business Partners, employee relations specialists and experts in areas including HR technology systems, shared services and diversity. In fact just about any HR specialism you can name – including international expertise. They come from all sectors and are located across the UK.

Our view of the HR marketplace

There is a lot of churn at a junior level within the HR community at the moment but we are seeing a real vacuum at mid-market and senior levels. There appears to be a new glass ceiling within the HR profession.

We have witnessed a growing frustration at a lack of career opportunities for HR professionals at the moment. Employers are less willing to take risks with hires and promotions and the hires that they do make are often focused on here and now capability – not potential.

Because there is less capacity for, and commitment to stretch moves, engagement for HR professionals is at a low ebb. As a result, there is a real risk of losing good people.

Some of the challenges our clients have posed to us

  • How can I give my HR team the project opportunities they crave whilst mitigating the risks?
  • How can I address the mis-match between the skills I have and the projects demanded by my business?
  • If I send my team on a training course, all they get is the theory – what are the alternatives?
  • How do I develop expertise in my team that is not there today?

What HR candidates are telling us

When we ask candidates why they are seeking their next career move, one of the main responses is that they want development and stretch. They are stuck doing the day job and have had little or no real development since working towards their CIPD qualification.

Our definition of mentoring

"Mentoring is an intervention that uses the skills and experience of an established expert to guide the development of an individual within their own area of specialism. A mentor is someone who has already seen the film, read the book and bought the T-shirt".

What are the benefits of good mentoring?

  • It creates a supportive culture in which to learn
  • Mentoring will removes fear of failure for all concerned
  • It can be leveraged as an effective career management tool
  • Employers can build internal capability rather than have to depend on consultants or interims
  • You will empower your internal candidate to deliver a project at the fraction of the cost
  • It is a cost-effective development intervention with demonstrable returns on investment

What does a good mentor look like?

A good mentor is self-aware

  • They are open, honest and are effective at establishing trust
  • It is essential that they are strong communicators
  • They should be able to work with good humour
  • They can build and maintain rapport
  • They must have commitment to their own learning
  • They have real commitment to developing others
  • A good mentor will be goal oriented/ delivery focused

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