If you don’t talk to your people about career management then the risk is they will become de-motivated.  Our own “corporate prisoner” research reported that over a third of UK workers wanted to change employer – not just job – within 12 months.  Lack of career opportunities – or as a minimum meaningful career discussions – was often cited as a major cause of discontent.

For employers there is a real risk that career management becomes “the elephant in the room”. Just because turnover may have slowed and opportunities are fewer there is a huge inherent risk in not talking to your people about their aspirations and development. Stop talking to your talented people and you can be sure another employer will fill the void.

At the same time, employees are increasingly at risk of seeing their skills becoming out of date. The pace of change is accelerating and individuals need to accept ownership for future proofing their skills and job market value. No longer is development “something done to me”, it is now a critical investment in “me plc”.

The reality is that the world of work has changed dramatically in the past decade. Through our bold and original career management research we’ve reached the conclusion that the traditional “ladder” concept has had its day. As a result there can be an increasing mis-match between employee expectations and what organisations are able to deliver. It is perhaps therefore not surprising that many employee surveys are now reporting increasingly negative feedback about career opportunities.

Chiumento career management solutions are designed to help people re-evaluate their careers and take ownership and control. We help people recognise what drives and energises them – leading to more informed career choices and greater satisfaction. We build awareness of new career realities and build resilience to cope in a changing world. In the process we boost engagement and improve internal mobility. We get managers and individuals talking effectively about career management and create a workforce that cares about great performance.

Our blended solutions use workshops, on-line tools and 1-2-1 coaching in ways that make career management solutions accessible to organisations of all sizes and with all budgets.

Services based on unique research

Why motivation is the critical ingredient in career management, engagement and performance.  Great performance comes from people who are energised. People who aren’t energised often don’t care and as a result deliver poor customer service, are indifferent to quality and never go the extra mile. To be energised you need to be motivated. For some people that can be money or status, for others it can be about challenge, job security or work-life balance.

Getting people into the right jobs in the right environment is therefore critical to both performance and engagement. That’s why we think career management needs to be at the top of the HR agenda.

We help organisations and individuals to understand motivation and use it to leverage performance. For organisations, that means maximising the potential contribution of each employee while at the same time giving your people real job satisfaction. For employees, it means having a job that they are passionate about and which inspires them to develop and deliver.

We will help you maximise the potential of your people - at the same time increasing engagement and employee satisfaction

  • Chiumento is internationally recognised for its research into “the new world of work”
  • We inspire individuals take ownership of their career development
  • We help managers leverage the power of motivation to raise performance
  • We offer group and individual solutions
  • We build on-line career management resources

Group solutions

Effective career management interventions at an accessible price.  Chiumento’s Career Compass programme is based on the findings of our “Riding the Career Carousel” research. It brings effective career management within the reach of all organisations and combines a blend of self-directed learning, workshops and individual coaching.

Career Compass helps individuals explore what is really important to them and sets them on course to prepare an informed and realistic career development plan. It introduces individuals to the realities of the “new world of work” and helps them take ownership of their own development. It also builds resilience and acts as a catalyst for meaningful career discussions.

Your people will emerge re-energised, realistic and resilient. As one HR Director put it "all the issues around career opportunities have gone away

  • Based on Chiumento’s five factor motivation model
  • Utilises a unique on-line motivation diagnostic
  • Full day workshop lead by an expert career coach
  • Individual coaching
  • Every individual produces a documented career plan

Individual solutions

Helping individuals make critical decisions.  Our Equilibrium programme is designed for individuals who have reached a critical career crossroads. That could be anything from choosing between two alternate paths within an organisation to considering whether the time has come to move on. We’ll help them to explore their career and life priorities and make a decision that offers the right balance.

We will help the individual take an holistic view of their career and life priorities and make decisions that are in the best interests of themselves and the organisation.

  • Comprehensive career review
  • Holistic exploration of life and career motivations
  • Psychometric evaluation and feedback
  • Individual coaching
  • Access to learning events
  • Career action plan

Line manager development

Why every manager needs to be a Career Champion.  Chiumento believes that effective career management is a critical ingredient in both performance and engagement. That’s why managers need to be true “career champions”. Our programme is designed to help managers have effective and inspiring career discussions with their teams. We help managers understand how to motivate their teams and take the broadest possible approach to creating development opportunities.

We also help managers understand why they need to see people as a corporate resource rather than a local asset to be jealously guarded. Every manager needs to encourage mobility and recognise that their success is in part down to how they help others realise their potential.

We will turn your managers into effective champions of your talent management process

  • Explore motivation and its impact on performance
  • Open up the widest possible range of development opportunities
  • Become a champion of internal mobility
  • Deliver impactful and inspiring career discussions
  • Manage expectations

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