Think about the last time you experienced poor customer service. Chances are your experience was far more about the attitude and behaviour of the individual than their lack of skill or knowledge. That’s why we put motivation and energy at the heart of employee engagement.

Truly engaged employees care about what they do. That’s because they are energised by your organisation and their role within it. It makes them want to deliver great service, pay attention to quality and bring new ideas. It also makes them great advocates for your business and ambassadors for your brand.

By contrast, lack of energy and motivation often translates into “I don’t care” – what we often describe as the “Lauren principle”. We see it reflected in people who have the skills and knowledge to do a great job but who choose instead to behave in unhelpful and even destructive ways. If you can harness all that unfilled potential it could transform your business.

For Chiumento, employee engagement is about much more than communications or satisfaction surveys. It is about creating a culture and environment which unlocks the maximum contribution from every individual.

To be motivated and perform to their full potential, individuals need to be in the right job – and the right culture. That’s why we see really strong links with career management. Managers and leaders who understand what matters most to their people – and it often isn’t money – are frequently the most successful in driving organisational performance. They realise that things like relationships, trust and values can be critical to employee engagement.

Getting employee engagement right can have a huge impact on organisational performance. Research shows that engaged employees take less sick leave and are far more likely to recommend their employer’s goods or services to their family and friends. They also care much more about what your customers want.

Building high performance cultures

Energising your team to deliver success.  High performance cultures depend on energised people. We help organisations understand what motivates their people using our own research-based model. We then use that insight to help clients shape their engagement strategy.

We also help organisations work with their people to define the values and behaviours that are essential to their success. This includes helping new teams establish effective ways of working as well as supporting teams emerging from major organisational change.

Chiumento will help you harness the energy of your people - motivating them to make the maximum contribution to your success

  • We help you understand what motivates your people – and harness that energy
  • Establish high performance cultures through clear values and behaviours
  • Align management communication and behaviours to get the most from your teams
  • Accelerate team performance
  • Improve feedback

Employee surveys and focus groups

True insight into your organisational climate.  Understanding the climate in your organisation can be difficult – especially if you are a long way from “the shop floor”. We also understand that engagement and satisfaction are not the same thing – so we probe more deeply into what motivates and energises your people to deliver outstanding customer service, innovation, quality and profitability.

We offer a range of on-line tools that ensure anonymity and maximise participation. And present the results in a way that highlights where you will get the greatest return on investment from communication and engagement interventions. We also undertake focus groups to explore specific issues in more depth and work with management teams to help them improve the way they communicate with their people.


We will bring you true insight into the depth of relationship between your organisation and its employees and how this can be changed to leverage higher performance

  • Confidential and secure on-line employee surveys
  • Insightful reporting and feedback
  • Bespoke motivation model that allows you to explore organisational dynamics
  • Focus groups
  • Action planning

Employee communications

Let’s get talking!  Chiumento can help you develop a sustainable and impactful communication programme that ensures your employees understand the organisation, its goals and their part in achieving success. This includes creating the critical pathways that allow your team to share their triumphs, concerns and ideas with the senior leadership team.

We work with leadership teams to establish a clear strategic narrative that keeps every manager “on message” – ensuring the consistency and clarity of message essential to building trust. We use multiple communication tools from traditional newsletters and briefing sessions to internet and mobile technologies to ensure the right messages get to the right places at the right time. Each delivered in a style and language that matches the DNA of your business.

And we never forget that the most important communications are often between two individuals – manager and employee. That’s why we offer extensive communication training support that equips managers with the skills and resilience to deliver complex and challenging messages.

We'll help you move to a new level of Trust with your employees through consistent, clear and informed communication across the organisation

  • Developing a clear strategic narrative that keeps the organisation “on message”
  • Support with developing communication structures that ensure information moves up, down and across organisations
  • Releasing the “employee voice” – making sure your staff can provide quality feedback and insight
  • Training for managers in delivering clear and consistent messaging
  • Implementation of communication collateral from intranets to newsletters and blogs.

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