Coaching for choices is designed to support individuals as they reach critical crossroads in their careers. At this point they often need to make difficult – and potentially life-changing – decisions. Making the right choice often involves balancing complex factors ranging from loyalty to colleagues, the need for work-life balance and the trade-off between personal risk and reward. Our coaches regularly work with individuals faced with challenges such as:-

  • Career path dilemmas including the choice between technical specialism v management – which is the right path for me?
  • Do I stay or do I go – am I prepared to pay the “price to stay” (such as significant role or cultural change) or is this the time right to seek a future beyond the organisation?
  • How can I break down functional boundaries to achieve the career I really want – eg sales to marketing, engineering to HR?
  • Validating succession planning – is what I want for me the same as what the company wants for them?
  • How do I balance the demands of my career and the aspirations of my family?
  • Downshifting my career – is it possible, practical and sustainable?

In these coaching for choices scenarios it is often the coach’s ability to deal with emotions as much as business issues that is critical. Careers don’t exist in a vacuum – they need to be balanced within wider family and lifestyle choices. Chiumento coaches recognise the need to deal with the whole person – not just the professional.

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