Coaching for objectives assignments are usually the most focused as they revolve around the need to support an individual to achieve a specific, often mission critical, business objective in a defined time line. This is sometimes described as “situational coaching”.

Some typical examples of coaching for objectives can include supporting individuals to:-

  • Deliver a strategic plan
  • Implement a major restructuring or process re-engineering project
  • Take a new product or service from concept to implementation
  • Open or close a business unit
  • Solving a technical or commercial challenge that has significant impact on business performance
  • Completing a merger, acquisition or disposal

Given the pressure of time, and the often complex technical or commercial issues involved, the coach frequently needs to be a specialist in the function and/or market the coachee is working in. The relationship can also be slightly different – with the coachee seeking more recommendations and clearer direction than might usually be the case.

In fact, during the contracting phase, it may well be agreed that the relationship between coach and coachee may include an element of mentoring (i.e. providing specific recommendations and direction) as well as broader coaching in order to ensure that the objective is delivered on time.

Using coaching for objectives in this way can often be a cost-effective alternative to utilising management consultants or interim managers. Not only is it a much cheaper option, but it also ensures that the expertise built up during the project remains with the organisation on completion. It also allows both organisations and individuals the opportunity to open up a much wider range of development opportunities that might be considered “too risky” without the coach’s involvement.

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