Coaching for teams can be just as powerful as working with individuals. Indeed, we often find that in the aftermath of organisational change and/or restructures, team coaching can have an immediate impact on the cohesion and performance of affected teams. Many of our coaches facilitate and support teams in situations including:-

  • Developing new visions and strategies at organisation or business unit level. 
  • Developing clear communication strategies including ensuring consistent management team alignment to agreed “strategic narratives”.
  • Agreeing the ‘rules’ including clear understanding of behavioural expectations within a team. 
  • Developing new operating models and organisational structures – e.g. to meet new customer or organisational needs.
  • Aligning management teams behind business plans – helping individuals understand what is expected of them including, where appropriate, “the price to stay”.
  • Reviewing performance – including providing impactful feedback and holding other team members to account.
  • Driving performance through diversity – e.g. harnessing all the competencies in the team not just valuing – or “pigeon holing” -people for specific technical expertise. This process can also often highlight missing competencies in the team and raise awareness of the associated risks.
  • Accelerated team building – often as a result of organisational restructure, merger or sale. This can include overcoming “survivor syndrome” as well as helping teams celebrate and gain closure on the past.
  • Driving innovation – including helping teams break down psychological, cultural and personal barriers to new thinking. Often this entails a shift from thinking “bottom up” to “top down” and helping teams and individuals to shed personal “baggage” that inhibits creativity and willingness to embrace change.

Facilitating groups can require very different skills to working on a 1-2-1 basis. It doesn’t suit every coach and we separately assess each member of our  academy before involving them in coaching for teams.

We frequently use psychometrics in coaching for teams in order to accelerate awareness of the impact of personal preference and motivation on others. Many of our coaches are BPS Level A and B qualified enabling them to use a wide range of tools including the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and the Hogan MVPI.

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