The starting point for many of our conversations on performance management is “our system doesn’t work”. That’s whether it is paper-based or on-line. However, probe a bit further and it often becomes apparent that the issue is a more complex one. People.

Too many performance management systems are process centric. They emphasise capturing data whereas the real objective is delivering outcomes. And the critical ingredients in this are managers. They are the people who need to have impactful discussions with their staff – providing a powerful blend of feedback, coaching and direction. Managers need not just to identify problems but work through them to conclusion.

The support of HR is critical – but how capable and confident are your HR team to support the business? Is their role to manage risk or to support line managers achieve clear objectives? Do you have a clear separation of HR and line roles in performance management?

Our view is simple. Performance management comes down to people. That’s why your approach needs to be manager centric and not process led. It needs to deliver effective feedback, clear objectives, clarity of expectation and above all action.

We can develop your managers to understand their critical role in the performance management process and give them the skills and confidence to tackle even the most difficult and sensitive issues in an effective and timely way. And yes, we can review the performance management process at the same time!

Empowering managers to drive performance

Improving management capability.  Chiumento offers a range of management development interventions designed to equip managers to tackle performance in a consistent and effective way. From setting objectives to delivering impactful feedback, managers need a toolkit of skills if they are to energise, motivate and develop their teams. They also need the confidence to tackle difficult issues and the resilience and resolve to see the performance process through to conclusion.

We will equip your managers to deal with all aspects of performance management in a timely, effective and consistent way

  • Understanding motivation – how to get the best from the team
  • Setting objectives using the SMARTmodel
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Having critical conversations
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Building confidence and resilience

Supporting the HR team

“HR are too risk adverse”.  Is a claim we often hear from managers who feel HR act as blockers to effective performance management. It is then often used as an excuse as to why managers shy away from tackling performance issues – ie “HR tell me I’m not allowed to…” or “HR won’t support me to…”

Chiumento helps HR functions re-align how they support line managers to tackle performance management issues. Succeeding requires common understanding, discrete roles and a clear sense of common purpose. For example are HR involved as champions of the business or the individual?

Chiumento will help raise the capability of HR to support the business in tackling performance issues

  • Building HR expertise and confidence in supporting managers to tackle performance issues
  • Defining the roles of HR and line managers

Design and implementation of performance management systems

The last thing performance management should be is an annual paperchase.  Poorly designed appraisal schemes often turn into an annual paperchase that can distract your business rather than adding value. In fact, poor appraisal processes often alienate staff – either through poor practice (such as lack of quantified feedback) or failure of managers to deliver on promises of development. Managers too become frustrated by form filling – or feel daunted by having to conduct conversations they feel ill prepared to undertake (and would ideally like to avoid).

At Chiumento, we have the tools and expertise to develop an appraisal process that drives organisational performance and leaves both managers and employees feeling energised and engaged.

Our toolkit includes on-line 360 and appraisal tools. However we don’t just provide a process, we deliver the training and communications that ensure employees and managers alike are genuinely committed. And we ensure the outputs result in meaningful objectives, insightful feedback and measurable increases in individual, team and organisational performance.

We will help you develop a performance management system that is valued by staff and managers alike. It will be appropriate to your organisation and culture and will never be just a paperchase

  • Audit of existing processes
  • Building commitment – from managers and employees
  • Design and delivery of on-line and paper based systems
  • On-line 360 appraisal
  • Setting objectives
  • Capturing development needs

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