With 2.56 million people in the UK unemployed you could easily be lulled into a false sense of security that the war for talent has gone away. However dig beneath the headlines and many of the challenges remain. In fact, the recession has often made it harder to meet your talent acquisition needs. Many candidates are “sitting tight” in jobs they’d rather leave but don’t as they fear the risks of jumping ship at a time of uncertainty.

What we know from Chiumento research is that between 30 and 40% of UK workers want to change employer – not just job. And worryingly that figure is even higher for senior executives. When the dam bursts, which it must eventually, how ready are you to scale up your recruitment model quickly?

Chiumento is a consultancy not a volume transactional recruitment provider. We aren’t an RPO business or a master vendor. Instead we are a strategic advisor – helping our clients put in place the talent acquisition model best suited to their business. That could be anything from an in-house recruitment team to an outsourced solution.

There’s a lot more to successful recruitment than time to hire and cost per hire. Our diagnostic model will help you establish the right recruitment priorities and performance indicators for your organisation. For example this might include at looking at the on-job performance of new hires, succesful completion of training programmes and longer term retention. You need to hire people who perform and can grow with your business – not just find stop gap “pairs of hands” that will quickly be found wanting.

Once we understand what you need to achieve – and have the means to measure success – we’ll work with you to identify the best way to structure and operate your recruitment operations. Whichever way you ultimately decide to go we’ll help you put in everything from people and technology to suppliers and reporting.

What does recruitment success look like?

Too often recruitment teams are measured on the wrong things.  Rarely do we meet two organisations with exactly the same recruitment priorities. Yet often they have the same recruitment KPIs. Usually you can guess in advance what they’ll be: time to hire, cost per hire and process standards like how quickly offers go out or interviews get arranged. Nothing whatsoever about how successful the hires actually are or whether new joiners have added to, rather than diluted, the high potential programme.

At Chiumento, we always start by working with business stakeholders and HR to define what’s really important. Often that’s a long way from how cheap or how quick things get done. The focus is always on the outputs of recruitment – not input measures like process standards.

We use a simple yet powerful diagnostic tool called the “Resourcing Pyramid”. It ensures business leaders and HR are working to a shared recruitment agenda. We then design recruitment operating models that deliver those new KPIs.

  • Powerful diagnostics via the Resourcing Pyramid model
  • KPIs that reflect the long term value of recruitment to the business
  • We design operating models that will deliver your KPIs
  • We are equally at home building in-house and outsourced solutions

Candidate Attraction

The choices have never been greater.  Never before has there been such a breadth of routes to market. From social networking and micro blogging sites to high street agencies and executive search consultancies. It can be a confusing and rapidly changing environment. And then there’s the bewildering selection of applicant tracking systems to negotiate – over 90 products in the UK at the last count.

At Chiumento, we’ve a team of consultants who live and breathe candidate sourcing. They know how to reach the most elusive and passive candidates.

We can help you to:-

  • Identify the best routes to market
  • Help identify and select specialist partners and suppliers
  • Build realistic and achievable recruitment budgets
  • Reduce cost and improve quality

Building Capability

We love creating independence – not dependence

We work with HR functions to build and enhance their own recruitment capability and that of line managers.

Our services include:-

  • Build your own executive search capability through our Executive Search academy
  • Enhance your interviewing and assessment skills
  • Training in using social media for recruitment – eg LinkedIn
  • Improving supplier management – including supporting review processes

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