At Chiumento, we are incredibly proud of our assessment team. We have a powerful blend of Chartered Occupational Psychologists and experienced BPS Level A and B practitioners who have experience in applying assessment to situations as diverse as development, coaching, recruitment and team building. What’s more, we have unleashed them by adopting a completely independent approach to test publishers. That means rather than being restricted to one set of tools we can access literally thousands of tests, role plays, in-trays and questionnaires. While we enjoy great relationships with many of the market leading publishers – such as SHL and OPP – you can be guaranteed we will always recommend tools perfectly suited to your needs.

To ensure our independence, we always re-charge materials at cost. So we gain no financial advantage by using any specific tool or supporting specific publishers. That means you get a highly competitive price – and only pay for our time and expertise.

Our past assessment projects have included the development of competency frameworks as well as the design and execution of bespoke assessment and development centres. We also develop “success matrices” that allow organisations to more accurately predict future job performance of candidates going through their selection process.

We apply psychometrics and other forms of assessment widely across our other talent management activities. For example we frequently use MBTI and FIRO-B in team building and tools such as OPQ32 and 16PF in outplacement. We find motivation questionnaires such as MQ and MVPI invaluable in career management and have applied personality questionnaires to challenges from conflict resolution to validation of succession plans.

Assessment Centres

Making the right hiring decisions.  Hiring people to join your business is a major investment in time and money. Getting it wrong can result in everything from poor performance to serious reputational damage. Not to mention alienating the existing team. We have designed and delivered assessment centres from high volume graduate programmes to individual Board and Partner level assessments.

  • We can design assessment centres around your competency model
  • We select tools that best fit your culture and the role
  • We design bespoke role plays, presentations and other exercises
  • We can deliver the centre for you or train your own assessors
  • We can handle feedback on your behalf

Development Centres

Realising the potential of your people.  Just how good are the people in our business – do they have real potential? Can the team adapt to new ways of working? How do you ensure the development budget is spent in ways that really will shape performance? Is our succession plan realistic? These are just some of the typical questions our clients are seeking to answer when they talk to us about development centres. We’ve helped organisations do everything from spot potential Board members to guide individuals through complex career choices.

  • We design and deliver development centres at all levels
  • Our independence means we always select the best tools
  • We can build assessment exercises tailored to your roles and/or culture
  • We can train your assessors
  • We can build development needs analyses

Individual Assessments

Self-awareness is the first step on the development journey.  We’ve used assessment tools including personality and motivation instruments to unlock issues as complex as conflict, critical career decisions and leadership style. Our Consultants are skilled in helping individuals explore emotional and often stressful situations that can de-rail them, their team and the organisation.

  • We bring a powerful blend of coaching and assessment skills to complex situations
  • We help resolve conflict between individuals and teams
  • We help re-build confidence, resilience and relationships
  • We support individuals to make critical career decisions
  • We support organisations to make critical decisions about individuals

Performance Profiling

What separates the best from the rest?  Research consistently shows that top performers deliver 30% more than average ones. Do you  know what makes the difference between high and low performers in your organisation? At Chiumento, we use assessment to understand the traits that consistently define high and low performers. We do this by correlating assessment results with performance management data – providing empirical evidence of what great looks like. We then use this knowledge to build bespoke success profiles that inform the design of assessment and development centres.

  • We work with you to improve the quality of your performance data
  • We select assessment tools that explore the variables (such as skills and personality) that drive performance
  • We correlate assessment and performance data – establishing the factors that have greatest impact on performance
  • We build bespoke success matrices that deliver high predictive validity
  • We integrate the insight back into your recruitment process – enabling you to spot candidates with the highest risk of failure and highest probability of success

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