Chiumento specialises in “quick impact” development of individuals and teams. Our work focuses on addressing known development needs and bringing about immediate and observable changes in behaviours, confidence, skills and knowledge. Most of our interventions are relatively short – from a half day to two days – but address many of the critical performance areas for managers and leaders.

Often our work is driven by the need to bring about change quickly. For example equipping managers to effectively lead their teams through restructures and re-organisations. We can offer flexible and blended development solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs and culture of your organisation.Past interventions have ranged from training managers to consistently and effectively deliver critical communications to building capability and resilience to manage large scale redundancy programmes.

We also help line managers to effectively implement and maintain key people processes from interviewing skills to performanve reviews and career management discussions. Performed well these critical tasks can have a major impact on team and organisational performance. Managed badly they can do irreperable damage to everything from customer service and quality to employer brand and reputation.

We can also support managers to make the transition to true leadership. In the process energising and motivating their teams to raise performance and deliver outstanding results.

Leadership Development

Performance starts at the top.  From supporting CEOs and their teams to developing the leaders of tomorrow, Chiumento can build individual and group programmes tailored to meet specific business. Our team combines leadership development experts from multiple sectors as well as a team of qualified executive coaches.

We will equip your leaders with the skills, confidence and resilience required to thrive in today's highly challenging environment

  • Bespoke and “off the shelf” interventions
  • Expertise across public, private and not-for-profit sectors
  • All our Executive coaches hold a qualification recognised by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • On-line leadership development resources via one of the UK’s top business schools

Management Development

Delivering observable changes in behaviour, skill and confidence.  To succeed in a rapidly changing world, line managers often have to adapt quickly to new challenges and environments. They have to do hard things – fast. We specialise in interventions that do more than provide knowledge – we build confidence, resilience and skills to tackle difficult people situations.

From delivering difficult messages to holding effective performance and career discussions, a line manager’s job is complex and often means facing unfamiliar and sometimes stressful situations. We deliver development support that brings about immediate improvements in capability that can be observed back in the workplace.

We will support and develop your managers to face the toughest of people challenges

  • Bespoke and “off-the shelf” management development interventions
  • Success defined at the outset – what will change?
  • Expert trainers and course designers utilise blended learning techniques
  • Flexible delivery – from e-learning to classroom
  • Evaluation built in – including training sponsors to observe post-training performance

Accelerated Team Building

We specialise in helping build new teams – often in the wake of major organisational change. We have great expertise in “survivor management” and have helped organisations in both the public and private sectors to overcome the challenges of re-engaging, re-energising and re-focusing teams to achieve demanding objectives.

We make regular use of psychometrics in team building – including MBTI and FIRO-B. Our goal is to help individuals understand their own behaviours and be better able to understand the motivation and preferences of others. We help teams establish new cultures and ways of working while at the same time “letting go of the past”.

We'll help your teams emerge from change fitter, stronger and better capable of dealing with the new realities of your business

  • Coming to terms with change
  • Re-building trust and resilience
  • Celebrating and letting go of the past
  • Improving understanding of others
  • Valuing diversity
  • Establishing new cultures

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