Our most senior delegates often face the most complex executive outplacement challenges. They can have a bewildering range of options open to them going way beyond traditional job search. Possible routes range from consultancy to interim management, starting their own business or moving internationally. Our Vision programme is specifically designed to help senior delegates explore all the options and make informed decisions.

Each Vision programme is supported by a team of experts including an executive coach, an occupational psychologist and a career consultant. Together they work with the individual – helping them to better understand their career drivers and ambitions and to establish clear, realistic and achievable goals. For busy senior excecutives this can often be the first chance they have had in years to step back and reflect on their career – unconstrained by day-to-day operational business challenges.

The detailed design of each Vision executive outplacement programme is shaped by the needs of the delegate and is therefore unique. What often emerges are unexpected opportunities and a real sense of freedom to explore possibilities. The core team will bring in experts from areas as diverse as business start ups, finance, marketing, personal branding and e-commerce to ensure whatever direction the individual wants to go they have full professional support.


Every individual programme starts with a detailed and structured assessment of individual needs. Typically this takes the form a full day “retreat” often in a country house hotel. Prior to the discovery individuals are often asked to complete a range of psychometrics to help their Vision team understand more about the individual. During the day, the results are used to both support and challenge pre-existing thoughts on career direction with the aim of opening up new areas of possibility.

Each Vision delegate is assigned a team of specialists who will support them every step of the way.

  • Full day discovery “retreat” lead by an Executive Coach or Chartered Occupational Psychologist
  • Psychometric assessment and feedback
  • Explore wider life goals
  • Expand thinking on future opportunities
  • Identify personal development needs

Online Support

Chiumento built the UK’s first internet career portal. Today Chiumento 24  is used by thousands of individuals as part of their outplacement programme. There’s a vast array of materials on everything from writing a CV to running your own business as well as diagnostic tools to increase self-awareness and build confidence. With interactive tools including Virtual Ashridge, delegates can access everything from leadership development resources to the latest materials from the Executive MBA programme. It really is a comprehensive blended learning solution.

Our unique partnership with Ashridge Business School means we can offer the most comprehensive on-line support available in the UK.

  • Diagnostic tools exploring areas including motivation, preferences and competencies
  • Detailed advice on finding job opportunities and preparing applications
  • Interview guides
  • Research tools
  • E-learning
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Individual Coaching

Many of our delegates say the relationship with their personal career coach was the single most valauble aspect of their programme. It provides not just practical help but also the emotional support critical to their well-being.

Our Vision team includes occupational psychologists, executive coaches, career consultants and subject matter experts in everything from business start ups to personal branding. The Lead Consultant ensures that resources are seamlessly blended to deliver support tailored to individual needs.

Whatever direction the individual wants to take we'll support them every step of the way.

  • A dedicated Lead Consultant who will ensure quality and seamless delivery
  • The most varied team of experts available in the market
  • A true team approach

Learning Events

Learning events are designed to allow delegates to explore topics in greater depth with a subject matter expert. These events are usually run in our London offices, but can also be delivered in other locations where there is sufficient demand.

Every learning event is delivered by a recognised subject matter expert - ensuring latest and best advice.

  • Networking
  • Optimising LinkedIn for job searching
  • Interim management and consultancy
  • Advanced interview skills
  • Personal branding
  • Financial Future

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