Just because you are looking for great value you don’t need to compromise on quality. We don’t “sheep dip” people – we treat them as individuals. Our group outplacement programmes are always designed so that people share a learning journey but never feel they are just part of a crowd. Our workshops, for example, are kept to a size where the facilitator has the ability to address individual needs and concerns. And by factoring in 1-2-1 time we make sure even the most sensitive issues can be discussed in a professional and confidential environment.

All our workshop leaders are practising career consultants so are fully up to speed on the latest trends in the employment market. Our materials are continuously updated and can be quickly tailored to reflect different levels of staff, specific job or industry groups and the nuances of regional job markets.

Chiumento has nearly 20 years’ experience supporting employers through large-scale outplacement programmes. Past projects have included everything from closing call centres to disbanding IT teams and the closure of port installations.

Whatever the level or type of staff involved, we have the experience and agility to build the perfect programme. We are also experts in supporting HR through what can be emotionally charged, pressurised and time critical projects. Our team includes several HR professionals who’ve managed these projects from the client side – so you’ll always feel you are secure and supported.


Our workshops are all led by practising career consultants rather than trainers – ensuring latest advice on the realities of the career market. We recommend delivery in group sizes of about 12 – which we find offers great value while still allowing the consultant to deal with individual needs.

All our workshops are designed in a modular format so that we can deliver in a way that suits the audience and the organisation. In the past we’ve accommodated everything from part time working to 24 hour “continental shift” patterns.

Group solutions aren't a sheep dipping exercise. Every delegate is treated as an individual and is supported to achieve their unique objectives.

  • Dealing with change
  • Assessing skills and competencies
  • Reviewing options – including re-training and self-employment
  • Job search techniques – including online research and networking
  • Writing CVs
  • Preparing for interviews

Online Support

Chiumento built the UK’s first internet career portal. Today Chiumento 24 is used by thousands of individuals as part of their outplacement programme. There’s a vast array of materials on everything from writing a CV to running your own business as well as diagnostic tools to increase self-awareness and build confidence. With interactive tools and large body of e-learning (including Virtual Ashridge) delegates can access everything from help using core computer software to latest updates on all main industry sectors. It really is a comprehensive blended learning solution.

Our unique partnership with Ashridge Business School means we can offer the most comprehensive on-line support available in the UK.

  • Diagnostic tools exploring areas including motivation, preferences and competencies
  • Detailed advice on finding job opportunities and preparing applications
  • Interview guides
  • Research tools
  • E-learning
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Individual Coaching

Many of our delegates say the relationship with their personal career coach was the single most valauble aspect of their programme. It provides not just practical help but also the emotional support critical to their well-being.

Our career coaches are the pinnacle of the profession. Our rigorous three stage selection process is the most demanding in the industry – which is why over 90% of applicants fail to make the grade.

96% of delegates rate their consultant as very good or exceptional - not just satisfactory.

  • We operate the most stringent selection methods in our industry
  • Every consultant will have been through a three stage selection process that includes a full day assessment centre
  • Our consultants come from a huge range of backgrounds – including financial services, retail, manufacturing, the armed forces and the public sector.
  • Many have particular areas of expertise including self-employment, cross-sector moves and utilising the internet for job hunting.
  • They cover the whole of the UK

Learning Events

Learning events are designed to allow delegates to explore topics in greater depth with a subject matter expert. These events are run in our London office, but can also be delivered in other locations where there is sufficient demand.

Every learning event is delivered by a recognised subject matter expert - ensuring latest and best advice

  • Networking
  • Optimising LinkedIn for job searching
  • Interim management and consultancy
  • Advanced interview skills
  • Personal branding
  • Financial Future

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