There can be few management or HR challenges as demanding as a redundancy programme. It is enevitably an emotionally charged and difficult process that demands skill, organisation and, above all, resilience. For many managers and HR practitioners implementing redundancies is miles away from “business as usual”. Even very experienced individuals may never have had to do it before.

Chiumento has two decades of experience in preparing managers and HR professionals to lead challenging change and restructuring projects leading to redundancy. Getting it right means organisations not only protect but enhance their employer reputation.

We can help managers and HR at every step of the redundancy process. From preparing managers to deliver difficult messages in a consistent and effective way to designing selection processes. We can train HR and line managers to undertake effective consultation meetings and help with the design and implementation of realistic, practical and effective redeployment programmes.

Our support goes beyond process and systems. We recognise the personal challenges placed on individuals leading change programmes and can help them maintain focus and build resilience through tough times.

Our HR Solutions team can also provide interim support to supplement your own resources. This can range from experienced organisational design and development practitioners to experts in Employee Relations who can lead negotiations and consultations with staff to HR Advisors who can deal with volume redundancy consultation meetings.

Support for HR

Within the Chiumento team we have HR professionals who have huge experience of managing redundancy programmes. They are on hand to help you with every step of the process. We can help with everything from devising voluntary redundancy programmes to designing assessment centres for redundancy. We can also provide interim HR specialists to deal with everything from volume consultation processes to project management.

We'll support your HR team every step of the way

  • Communication support
  • Designing voluntary redundancy processes
  • Designing assessment for redundancy processes
  • Process design
  • Redeployment schemes
  • Consultation support

Manager training

Very few managers get taught how to deal with difficult situations such as redundancy. You won’t find it on most management or leadership courses. As a result they often come to downsizing programmes lacking confidence and key skills. Unless tackled, these weaknesses will seriously impact their ability to bring their team successfully through change.

No matter how good your HR or Internal Communications team, it is the line manager who is usually on the front-line of change. From making the initial announcement through consultation and beyond, their skill will impact your brand. We give line managers the confidence, resilience and core skills to do difficult things brilliantly.

We'll protect your brand by equipping your managers to tackle the most difficult people situations.

  • “Delivering the news” – managing difficult communications
  • Working with individuals – including dealing with extreme emotional responses
  • Retaining personal resilience and energy
  • Effective consultations
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Managing survivors

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