The initial focus of any major change programme is often understandably the people who are leaving. However it is the people who will stay who will be critical to your organisation’s future success. Effectively re-energising and re-motivating these key individuals is what we call survivor management.

Once the initial relief of surviving a redundancy programme is over, many individuals quickly come down to earth with a bump. Having to saying farewell to valued colleagues can be a traumatic experience. Something many survivors say is akin to bereavement. There is often a sense of guilt and, sometimes, a sharp drop in trust in managers and leaders. As the dust settles the realities of new teams, changed working practices and often more demanding workloads quickly settle in. Teams can easily lose focus and energy. Often at a point where it is vital that they pick up the pace and move on.

Our survivor management programmes are built on two decades of experience in helping people come to terms with change. We help them celebrate the past and gain closure. We accelerate the development of new teams and help establish new behaviours and cultures. Above all we help rebuild trust by ensuring effective communication and feedback.

Chiumento can help you to re-engage teams quickly. Allowing you to quickly realise the benefits of change. We help managers and leaders to develop new skills and embed new ways of working. We also help individuals to understand the personal change required to thrive in a new environment.

Coping with change

We help individuals come to terms with change and understand that what they are feeling isn’t unusual. We help people release their feelings, gain closure and move on. Using models such as the change house we help teams explore where they are in the change process and help remove blockages to moving on. Often this involves exploring new possibilities and engaging the team in defining new ways of working. While we have core “off the shelf” materials every programme is tailored to your unique culture and situation

We will help your team emerge from change energised and resilient - ready to focus on delivering great performance.

  • Full and half day change workshops
  • Gaining closure on the past
  • Building resilience
  • “Unsticking” change processes
  • Rebuilding trust

Accelerated team building

Our team building programmes are based on the belief that high performing teams value and leverage diversity. Utilising tools including the MBTI, we help individuals understand better their own and others behavior  We then use this knowledge to help groups tackle everything from communication skills to improving relationships and forming project teams based on type not just expertise.

Through our work we also help teams explore things like how their preferences are likely to shape team culture – and how this may aid or hinder them in achieving key objectives. It helps them think about how they come across to other parts of the business and customers. Individuals also come away with clear development actions.

Your team will emerge more confident, resilient and cohesive - accelerating performance in the workplace.

  • Diagnostic tools such as MBTI help teams understand more about themselves and others
  • Teams learn to value and leverage diversity
  • Individuals think more about how they communicate
  • Teams recognise their strengths and weaknesses
  • Individuals obtain key development focus

Manager training

Very few managers get taught how to deal with difficult situations such as redundancy. You won’t find it on most management or leadership courses. As a result they often come to downsizing programmes lacking confidence and key skills. Unless tackled, these weaknesses will seriously impact their ability to bring their team successfully through change.

No matter how good your HR or Internal Communications team, it is the line manager who is usually on the front-line of change. From making the initial announcement through consultation and beyond, their skill will impact your brand. We give line managers the confidence, resilience and core skills to do difficult things brilliantly.

We'll protect your brand by equipping your managers to tackle the most difficult people situations.

  • “Delivering the news” – managing difficult communications
  • Working with individuals – including dealing with extreme emotional responses
  • Retaining personal resilience and energy
  • Effective consultations
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Managing survivors

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