When Chiumento Consulting began in 1994 it was because our founders thought there was a better way of delivering outplacement services and wanted to try something different.

20 years later and they've certainly been proved right, in fact their idea of using associates to deliver programmes has now become the industry norm.

First consultancy to use associates
First to launch online offering

While we've diversified along the way and now also offer talent management and recruitment services, one thing hasn’t changed. The desire for innovation, to break the mould and to always look for a better way of doing things remains, in fact it is a big part of our DNA. We believe we successfully blend the modern with our traditional strengths to create a fresh and differentiated offering.

We know we’re not the biggest, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. We like to think we're small, impactful, high quality, responsive and flexible. These qualities have created a flexibility and personality that makes us refreshingly different. Our distinctive style and pragmatic attitude can help you address even the most challenging and sensitive people issues.