Our values were developed by the whole team and we use them in everything from recruitment to appraisals and development planning.

We’re clear about what each of them mean in terms of behaviours too.

We love talking about pace. Chiumento isn’t a lifestyle business and being successful is important to us. For our clients it means we go that extra mile that makes the difference between satisfying and delighting them. Our people are resilient and rise to any challenge.
As a consultancy we sometimes have to tell clients things they don’t want to hear. Help them face into their challenges and sometimes make difficult decisions. We also need to embrace change and do things differently. We never stop learning and evolving.
We never take on work we aren’t equipped to deliver. We’d rather walk away with our reputation intact than under-perform. We also provide each other with honest and meaningful feedback that ensures an open and adult working environment.
We are one big team and we don’t  draw lines around roles or practices. We all pitch in and do what needs doing. We also encourage everyone to contribute ideas and generously share their expertise.
We like to bring new thinking and an open mind to every challenge. The antithesis of “one way, right way” we listen to our clients and deliver solutions that are right for them, not us. We are not afraid of holding a controversial viewpoint either.

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