If you read our blogs, you’ll have sensed an emerging theme. Remote working, it’s something that we’re passionate about here at Chiumento.

In fact, more than passionate, it’s something we embrace wholeheartedly having adopted a remote working model in 2016.

This move to a more modern and refreshing way of working has led to many questions from our peers. How can you have a productive workforce if you can’t see what they’re all doing? How can you manage people if they’re scattered all over the country?

The answer is trust and leaders within Chiumento do just that, they lead. They don’t manage, they don’t check everyone is at their desk at 9 and still there at 5:30, they don’t ask what we’ve all been doing all day. They monitor outputs, as long as the accounts team are issuing invoices, the marketing team is creating campaigns and our client and delegate queries are being dealt with, then they are happy.

This model only works because we’ve created the right organisational culture, recruited the right people and more importantly invested in the right technology to support it. It’s a move that we think has been a resounding success, allowed us to attract and retain the most talented individuals and enabled our staff to integrate their work life into their home one.