Technology is the backbone of Chiumento, it acts as the frame to support our outplacement programmes and enables us to offer an outstanding service to our clients and delegates.

How we harness technology

While many still rely on face-to-face meetings with the nearest career coach, we have integrated video conferencing into our career portal so we can match delegates with the most suitable coach, not just the one that lives down the road.

Chiumento 24
Chiumento Touch

Leaving a job often means losing access to an up-to-date computer or laptop. Even though the cost of tablets made it initially prohibitive, we worked on Chiumento Touch, so we were ready to launch once the price reached a viable level. Allowing us to give our delegates the technology they need.

We’ve always got one eye on the future, taking note of consumer trends and emerging technologies. Looking at how we can implement them or adapt and change our offering to better suit the needs of our clients and delegates, both today and in the future.

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