We have conducted a number of research projects over the past decade, focused on HR and the world of work. Our aim is to provide the HR profession with new insight into the interface between people and work – with a particular emphasis on improving organisational performance.

Discussion Papers

Energising your workforce

Every day we see people with high competence who fail to deliver simply because they aren't energised to do so. Often it is not the tools of the job, or a lack of training at the heart of the problem. It is simply that they don't care enough. In this Insight paper we explore motivation types and look at the key steps to energising each type. 

Damaged goods or guardian angel

Over recent years many HR professionals have been faced with the challenge of how to move people across their organisations. How do you set about designing a redeployment process that works for your organisation? The answer, Chiumento believes, lies in exploring a number of dichotomies. In this Insight paper we will explain those dichotomies and how their characteristics may shape your solution.

Dysfunctions of performance management

Why doesn't our performance management process work? It is a question we get asked a lot. We've picked out eight of the most common problems we've come across and captured them in this discussion paper.

Research Reports

Corporate Prisioners

Our research into Corporate Prisoners, those people who stay in jobs they'd rather not do looked at how the recession swelled the ranks of dispirited workers with consequent implications for motivation and performance. It also predicted a huge surge of staff turnover when the economy returned to growth. 

Riding the Career Carousel

Our Riding the Career Carousel  research challenged whether the traditional view of the career ladder was valid in a world of low staff turnover, flatter organisational structures, rapid technological change and no compulsory retirement age. It highlights how career management needs to focus more on motivation, energy and happiness at work and less on promotion as measure of success.

The Silver Revolution

While many large organisations have specialist units focused on the careers of new graduates we questioned how many had similar expertise at the other end of the age spectrum? Our research came up with some detailed findings on the different motivations of older workers compared to their younger colleagues and challenged a number of stereotype