Top tips for attending a video interview

If you say the words ‘video interview’ to many job seekers, it will send a shiver down their spine. Visions of fuzzy images on screen, stilted conversation and WiFi dropping out halfway through is enough to scare anyone off. But it needn’t be that way, the quality of Skype and other video conference tools means Read more about Top tips for attending a video interview[…]

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Promoting positive mental health at work

GUEST BLOG:  David Price, group director for Health Assured, a provider of innovative health & wellbeing solutions, discuss the issues surrounding the mental wellbeing of employees and how employers can help. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), one in four people will experience some sort of mental health problem at some point in Read more about Promoting positive mental health at work[…]


Is employee wellbeing high up on your agenda?

Employee wellbeing has become bit of a buzz word in recent years, moving from being something that the Google and Apples of the world do, to something that has made it’s way to the agenda of many smaller organisations.  But what is it and how can you implement a wellbeing strategy into your workplace?  We Read more about Is employee wellbeing high up on your agenda?[…]

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3 ways to create a more human workplace

Guest blog: Ashley Lipman Most people spent a bulk of their lives at work, yet these places aren’t always fulfilling and welcoming. Do you usually wake up in the morning feeling excited to go to work? If so, you’re in the minority. Whether you’re left wanting more connections in the workplace, or you don’t agree Read more about 3 ways to create a more human workplace[…]


Most common hiring mistakes

Guest blog: Ashley Lipman The hiring process can be arduous and costly from start to finish. Many Human Resources professionals thrive on the process, while others dread it entirely and prefer to focus on current employees rather than interviewing new ones. There are numerous factors that contribute to making mistakes during the hiring process, which Read more about Most common hiring mistakes[…]


Are Christmas parties worth the expense?

Today is our annual Christmas get together, where we’ll all don our Christmas jumpers, have a turkey dinner and no doubt enjoy a few glasses of wine. But it got me thinking, apart from some free food and drink for employees. What are the benefits of a Christmas shindig? According to research by event promotions Read more about Are Christmas parties worth the expense?[…]


Tips for handling the redundancy process

As an employer taking the decision to make redundancies whether a few or many is a tough, and one no business leader ever wants to make.  While we’ve been out of the last recession for a few years and have seen good growth within the UK economy, redundancies are still occurring. The recent collapse of Read more about Tips for handling the redundancy process[…]


Employment Law Update – Autumn 2017

We know that it can be hard to keep abreast of the latest changes to employment law. Which is why we have asked legal experts, Gateley Plc, to produce an Employment Law Update covering the key changes that took affect this autumn. This edition covers the legal implications of our exit from the EU and Read more about Employment Law Update – Autumn 2017[…]