Are offices a thing of the past?

I read an article today  discussing Automattic, a multi-million dollar start up in the US and the brains behind the website publishing tool, WordPress, and how it’s shutting its office. Not because it’s gone bankrupt but because on any given day there are more games machines than there are people in the office. Employees are Read more about Are offices a thing of the past?[…]


Work-life integration: it’s a digital thing

Traditionally, just like computer code, work was pretty much a binary thing. It was, quite simply, a matter of on or off. A traditional working day would be 010 – ie off, on, off. You turned up and switched on at 9 and then switched off again at 5. Today our working day is much Read more about Work-life integration: it’s a digital thing[…]

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Are you disaster proof?

Last week our virtual working set up came into its own, and really highlighted to me not only the additional benefits of having our entire workforce able to work from anywhere at the drop of a hat, but that when it’s put to the test.  It works.  Although 80% of our staff permanently work remotely Read more about Are you disaster proof?[…]

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The new world of work: why the Daleks have it nailed

The last few weeks have convinced me that we just aren’t coping with the realities of the new world of work. And the longer that goes on the more I fear for the future. Last week I attended an interesting session on digital transformation. It confirmed all the thinking Chiumento has been doing about how Read more about The new world of work: why the Daleks have it nailed[…]


I’m working from home – not skiving

Last summer after 10 years at my previous company I decided for various reasons that it was time for a change, a daily commute of over an hour each way, leaving the house at 6:30am and returning home, via picking children up from childcare, at around 6pm was a big factor.  I wanted to increase Read more about I’m working from home – not skiving[…]


Going virtual, winning gold

Many years ago I predicted that Chiumento would eventually become a virtual business. I’m not sure many believed me – except, thankfully, our Chairman. Back then we had three offices. And nobody believed you could successfully run a “people business” without them. Indeed, I recall some saying we needed more locations, not less. After all, Read more about Going virtual, winning gold[…]


Brexit: time to take work to talent, not bring talent to work?

I have had some very interesting discussions this week around the potential implications of Brexit on the supply of talent to UK businesses. There are certainly a lot of nervous companies out there anxiously waiting to hear the implications for both EU citizens already working in the UK and individuals who might want to come Read more about Brexit: time to take work to talent, not bring talent to work?[…]


Is there a silver lining to the ongoing train strikes?

Many of those living and working in the south of England have been challenged by the recent flurry of train strikes, and unfortunately for the loyal rail users it doesn’t look like a resolution is going to happen anytime soon. But is there a positive side effect of the strikes? In a news interview recently Read more about Is there a silver lining to the ongoing train strikes?[…]