Chiumento HR recruitment index – 24 month report

Readers of the Chiumento newsletter will be aware of our HR recruitment index that tracks the volumes of advertised HR job opportunities on a basket of specialist and generalist websites. We have been monitoring this for two years now and have seen some interesting trends over that period. Going forward, we will now be posting this information on our new website and will provide regular commentary via our blog.

As the graph below shows, the volume of advertised permanent HR vacancies was much lower in the first half of 2012 than the previous year. This fits with the on-going message we are getting from candidates that good career opportunities are still hard to come by. A particular theme in 2012 has been the lack of opportunities to break through the £40-50K salary ceiling. Opportunities below £40K are fairly plentiful so for many sideways moves for small pay increases have become the norm.

Of course this means that there is a growing level of dissatisfaction with career opportunities amongst a growing number of HR professionals. This was a hot topic at our recent Working Lunch on using mentoring as a development tool within HR. The good news, for job seekers at least, is that the market seems to have recovered a little in the final quarter.

For Chiumento, 2012 was a better year than the Index suggests. We saw the volumes of permanent roles we are working on each month grow by almost 300%. Many thanks go to all of our clients for your support.

By contrast the 2012 market for contract (interim and fixed term) HR professionals was more unpredictable. In some months demand exceeded 2011 levels as employers turned to flexible solutions rather than make permanent hires. We noticed a significant swing away from day rate interims towards fixed term contracts. There are many more good candidates that are willing to work on a contract basis now than pre-recession. These candidates may not be the ‘career interims’ that you would have seen being hired 3-4 years ago but they are increasingly a very cost effective alternative to day rate resource. Increasingly we are seeing a trend to “temp to perm” even at more senior levels. For candidates this can be a real opportunity to get that sought after promotion.

Chiumento saw a real pick up in the number of enquiries from employers for both permanent and contract HR jobs towards the end of 2012 and we are optimistic that this will continue into 2013. If you are a candidate looking for your next role or you are looking to make additions to your HR team then please contact Tom Gale via and we would be happy to speak to you.