Chiumento Working Lunch on HR Mentoring

Last month we held our first working lunch since moving into our new offices in Camden.  It was a great opportunity for us to share some thinking with our clients and get their views on the role of mentoring as a development and career management tool for those working in HR.

To kick off, Chiumento presented an overview of the HR jobs market. Over the past 2-3 years we have seen a lot of churn within the profession at junior level but more senior roles remain elusive as people “sit tight”.  As a result, a growing number of candidates are talking to Chiumento about their frustrated attempts to break into the next tier of roles.

We went on to discuss how this is an era where HR Directors are frequently expected to run much leaner functions and to achieve more with less resource. This in turn can lead to a play it safe approach. Whereas in the past they may have taken a risk and promoted high potential members of their team – or seconded them onto critical projects to gain experience – they now look to the many “safe pairs of hands” on the market. Often this is because they either lack the time – or the specialist skills – to develop someone into a stretch role.

The consensus from the discussion over lunch was that mentoring was a valid development tool that is no longer about managing poor performance but supporting some of the best talent with their growth and advancement.  External mentoring is cheaper than bringing in contractors to deliver key projects and the knowledge that is developed throughout the process is retained by the organisation as opposed to walking out the door when a contractor finishes their project.

Chiumento are in the process of building a panel of specialist HR mentors as we see real benefit in the support that we could offer to clients in helping to mentor their high performers.  We would love to speak to any clients that share our views of the HR landscape and are interested in working with us.  If you would like a copy of the slides from this event or would like to discuss how Chiumento could support your organisation through the provision of HR mentors, please email for more information.