Come on jobseekers (and agencies) – do your homework!

I am constantly stunned by how many unsolicited CVs from jobseekers find their way into my inbox. Recently I have had applicants looking for jobs in everything from logistics and IT to manufacturing, retail and hospitality. I also get loads of LinkedIn requests from jobseekers in a similar vein.

While I am very flattered that people think I am somehow the “godfather of recruitment” the reality is they are wasting their time, and mine. And if they did but read our website or check out my LinkedIn profile they’d quickly establish:-

  • Chiumento only specialises in HR recruitment
  • As a consultancy business we don’t have a fleet of trucks, own hotels or have a chain of shops
  • I don’t actively recruit for anything other than staff for our own business
  • 99% of the time they are barking up the wrong tree

The trouble with me is I am a sucker for helping people. I feel I have to respond personally to every one of these applicants. I can’t just ignore them. That’s probably why, in part, I was attracted to working in outplacement in the first place. You just want to help people back into employment.

My guess though is that most CEOs – and indeed managers of any sort – will just classify the sender as “spam” and move on. How many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of applications find their way into the electronic equivalent of a waste bin every year? All that effort, and all that hope, consigned to trash.

One of the things our outplacement team talk to delegates about all the time is how quality applications, not quantity of applications, really count. The “spray and pray” technique rarely succeeds. All it generates is a whole sack full of disappointment. I am sure this behaviour fuels a lot of the complaints about CVs disappearing into black holes. It’s the recruitment equivalent of junk mail.

In this age of the internet there are no excuses not to do your homework. Don’t apply to businesses that don’t recruit your skillset for a start. There are also a couple of free searchable databases where you can checkout which recruitment companies deal with which type of jobs very quickly:-

Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo)

Read the job advertisement too. In these days of high applicant volumes, recruiters are ever better at being able to describe what they want to see in an application. If you can’t demonstrate what they are after don’t apply. Move on and find a role that is a better fit. If you do think you match then make sure you update your CV so they can find what they are after quickly. Recruiters aren’t psychic and won’t make assumptions of skills or knowledge based simply on job titles you’ve’ve had before – they need to see specifics in black and white in your application.

Finally to all you lovely recruitment agencies out there: STOP IT! You are often some of the worst offenders. It isn’t just “high street” agencies either. I even get CVs from head-hunters asking me if I’d like to meet people who want jobs in completely different sectors to ours. What’s the point?

Ian Gooden
Chief Executive

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