Connecting job seekers with employers the old fashioned way – in person

We have recently been supporting RWE npower during the closure of two power stations – Didcot A and Fawley. In both cases, we provided one-to-one support and group workshops. In addition, we organised job fairs at both sites.

Both fairs were fantastic examples of how a large number of different employers from different industries collaborated with RWE npower to find top quality candidates and identify those with the transferable skills to help move their organisations forward.

The feedback from both employers and staff attendees was excellent. Many employers said that the candidates were well prepared, well presented and that there were a number of high calibre individuals who would be a real asset to their organisations. One employer alone made over twelve offers and were keen to speak with more candidates. The employers were unanimous in congratulating RWE npower on laying on such a worthwhile and cost effective event.

Many of the staff said that their confidence had been boosted greatly by the realisation that they had genuinely transferable skills. Some had worked at the power station for many years and, for this group in particular, the recognition that they were most definitely employable outside the industry came as a revelation.

Both job fairs were a huge success and have made a real impact on those attending through either an actual job offer or, at the very least, a better understanding of the job market and what companies are looking for in new staff.

In this digital age where so much recruitment is done online and the ‘candidate experience’ is largely a digital one, it’s nice to report that an old fashioned job fair has proved such a great success.

Mike Burgneay
Client Development Director