Constantly changing, constantly learning

The world today is ever changing and we are constantly forced to keep up with the times.  Be it fashion, technology or anything in between, we must accept that things around us are evolving, sometimes at a much quicker rate than we can keep up with (even though we don’t like to admit it).

No one likes to see their recent purchase in the sale two weeks after they’ve bought it.  And no one jumps for joy at the release of the new iPhone after being tied into a 24 month contract.  I try my best to keep up with the trends; I say this as I stare at my annoyingly out of date Samsung S mini (oops).  But it is not just my personal life that needs a constant refresh.

At Chiumento our staff and Coaches promote on-going learning and development on a day to day basis.

Social media and Networking tools such as LinkedIn play a substantial part in my role as Marketing Executive.  And this is probably the area where I feel I want, and need, more and more information all the time on how best to make the most of these platforms, especially for SME’s.

At Chiumento we run a learning event on LinkedIn for delegates on our outplacement programmes.  I am often asked if we have detailed written overview for this event. My answer is no.  And this isn’t due to a lack of willingness. The fact is LinkedIn is changing so rapidly that any ‘paper materials’ would be out of date almost as soon as you press the print button.  That is why it is so important that we have a subject matter expert on hand. He never delivers the same course twice!

This solidifies my point that things evolve so quickly that we have to constantly invest our own time in our own learning and development. You can no longer take it for granted your employer will “send you on a course”. You have to take ownership for your own development – not wait for it to be done for you.

What I am very encouraged by is the amount of free material that is available to make this process that much easier.  I am constantly accessing free webinars, some no longer than 30 minutes.  But these little refreshers stop me feeling ‘out of the loop’ and have helped me make some key decisions about our own marketing efforts.

My last blog touched on what engages Gen-Y employees.  And I have to say for me personally one of the most engaging parts of my job is the encouragement to learn.  Colleagues often forward on webinar details that they feel would be beneficial and I know my boss is more than happy for me to take the time to join them – I just have to find them.

Some may disagree with my opening comment that we are ‘forced to keep up with the times’.  We all have a choice yes, but inevitably everything has a life span and unless we familiarise ourselves with the here and now we may come a cropper!

Katy Nicholls
Marketing Executive

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