Culture, values and reward strategy – our next IiP Champion Series Event

Our next Investors in People Champion Series event on May 10 will look at why an employer’s reward strategy needs to reflect the culture and values they wish to establish. Thanks to the generous support of IiP South and Grant Thornton, tickets for the event are free of charge.

In a wide ranging session we will touch on topics including:-

  • What is the purpose of Reward?
  • What are we actually rewarding people for? Are we clear and do our people understand?
  • How important is pay to motivating and engaging your people?
  • What other “reward” do people need to be motivated and engaged?
  • How do we value people in our organisations?
  • Do organisations forget their aspiration to be “values driven” when it comes to pay rises, commissions and bonuses?
  • Does your reward strategy actually reflect the value people deliver?
  • Has the annual pay review had its day?
  • Pitfalls to avoid in designing variable pay schemes.

With the Chiumento Culture Matrix as our guide, we’ll explore issues like the “Ocean of Tolerance” that can have a serious negative impact on trust in leaders and organisations.

The event is primarily aimed at CEOs, MDs and business leaders who recognise the importance of people to organisational performance.

Tickets are going really fast – 42 of the 50 places are already taken. To see if you can obtain one of the last few remaining click here.

Our previous Champions Series events have included:-

  • Leadership and Trust. Research has shown time and again that Trust is a key feature of many high performing organisations. What is trust and how do organisations go about building it?
  • Energising your workforce. Based on our own Career Motivation research we explored the five primary motivation types in the UK workforce and how these can be leveraged to improve organisational performance.
  • Critical conversations. Using the Chiumento Culture Matrix, we explored why leaders and managers often fail to have critical conversations and provided delegates with a toolkit for more impactful interventions.

All our Champion Series events are shortened “taster” versions of our in-company events. If you’d like to know more please give us a call on 0207 224 3307 or email


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