How the pandemic has changed looking for a job.


Corona has changed many aspects of our lives and sitting here typing away it’s hard to find one thing that hasn’t been impacted by it. However, as we are in the business of helping people with their careers, for us we’ve noticed the changes it has brought to the job-seeking process.


  1. Increased resilience – looking for a job is hard, it takes time, dedication, and a certain amount of thick skin to deal with rejection. However, during a once in a 100-year pandemic it becomes harder.  As we discussed in a recent blog, there are currently double the number of job seekers but 25% fewer jobs.With more competition comes more chance of rejection.  You’re going to need to be resilient, expect and accept that you won’t get every job you apply for, you won’t always be called for an interview and it’s likely that you may not hear back following your application.  Here are some helpful tips on how to remain positive during your job search.
  2. Video interviews – although restrictions are starting to ease, the possibility of in-person, face-to-face interviews is highly unlikely in the near future. Video interviews that were once seen as a bit of a novelty and certainly not part of the average job application, are now the norm. Covid has made communicating via video call a necessity and something that everyone has had to get used to on both a professional and personal level.However, interviewing via video call, especially if you need to present, is different from being there in person and different from having a chat with your friends or a catch up with colleagues. Check out our advice on how to approach video interviews.
  3. Remote working – roll back the clock to February 2020 and anyone working from home was certainly in the minority. The acceptance of a more flexible working world and the increase in remote working is perhaps one of the positives to have come out of this. I have spoken to many people who wouldn’t have been allowed or have considered home working before, who are now in no rush to return to the office.  Anyone securing a new role now is likely to be starting it as a remote worker.  I have several friends that have started jobs in the past year who have yet to meet their team in person nor have they set foot in their office.  They were recruited, inducted, and have been working at home since they started.  Whether we all switch back to the old ways is yet to be seen, but if the signs are to be believed then remote working is here to stay.


We don’t yet know what the working world will look like on the other side of Corona. But one thing I am certain of is that it will have changed.  While hopefully, the job market will bounce back. The remote working, virtual meeting cat has been metaphorically let out of the bag, and I predict these elements are here to stay. If you’d like more help and advice on job seeking during the pandemic read our blog or check out our job-seeking advice page.


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