HR recruitment: Chiumento needs a talent pipeline…

One of our key business objectives at Chiumento is to rapidly expand our specialist HR recruitment practice. As we head towards 2014 we think that we’ve put all the key building blocks in place to make that happen – apart from a few key hires.

So, one of my challenges in the weeks ahead is to start building a talent pipeline. And I’m starting with some market research.

There’s an urban myth that recruiters are only motivated by one thing: money. I know that’s not true just from talking to our existing team. I am also acutely aware that some Materialists (as we described them in our Riding the Career Carousel research) come with less than redeeming features. I really worry about recruitment businesses that run ads proclaiming “must be money motivated”. Beware what you wish for!

My question is therefore this: if you consider yourself a high performing HR recruitment specialist what would it take for me to persuade you to talk about a career move? I’m not expecting full-on commitment. Just an initial willingness to sit down over a coffee and chat about what you want from your career.

You see I can imagine all sorts of permutations we could put on the table. And that’s hard to sum up in a blog let alone a job advertisement. (By the way we are advertising on LinkedIn).  I can imagine all sorts of things that might attract one person and not another. The wonderful thing is I’ve got lots of flexibility.

If you read our Career Carousel research you’ll quickly find we have defined a career motivation model that places people in one of five primary categories. We are launching an app in January that will let people explore this in more detail but for now here’s what I think we can offer each of those groups:-

Materialists – you are primarily (but not exclusively) driven by financial reward. Well, we can offer you an exciting blend of salary, commission and (for management team roles) longer term incentive that will fully reflect your contribution to our growth. We are privately owned which means we have great flexibility to structure packages to individuals.

Achievers – want to be the best they can. We were the first HR Consultancy to win the Investor In People award and have just renewed it again. We invest heavily in people’s development and are happy to consider sponsoring consultants to study for their CIPD exams. As we are growing we expect early management opportunities to emerge for budding and established leaders.

Socialisers are motivated primarily by the people around them. We have a fantastic and inspiring team spirit and the most “grown up” culture I have ever experienced. We live our values and have great fun along the way. Meet the team and I am sure you will be hooked.

True believers need to respect and trust the brand they work for. Over two decades we have built a brand that has real kudos in the market. Not only in recruitment but in talent management consulting too – giving our consultants huge credibility.

Protectionists need to get work-life balance right. Our advanced cloud technologies mean homeworking is not just possible but encouraged. If you love the buzz of the office that’s great but on days you want to be at home you can.

We recognise that for any recruiter moving job is a huge decision. That’s why we are happy to invest the time over months – possibly even years – to get the right people. It’s a true talent pipeline.

I don’t see that you’ve anything to lose to talk to me. I’ll even buy the coffee – and some cake too (we’re into that). Email me or phone me 07834307634 if you are willing to help me to potentially help you.

Ian Gooden
Chief Executive

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  • I moved to Chiumento for the “grown up” culture and whilst I may have ended up in recruitment years ago as a kind of materialist my motivation now is much more true believer and protectionist, I certainly want to achieve and do the best I can, Chiumento affords me that.

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