HR recruitment index for a new age!

Those avid readers of the Chiumento blog (you know who you are) will know that we produce a recruitment index that charts the highs and lows of the HR recruitment market. We have been doing this for 3 years which is a long time in recruitment. The last 3 recession-hit years have felt particularly long at times but we have all emerged hopefully relatively unscathed but the world that we live in is different. The fact is that recruitment has been changed by the recession. Moving forward, we are seeking to investigate these changes with our market updates. We will give you information that is, as always, relevant to the world that you live in.

The recruitment game has always changed over the years. Roll back a decade or two to the 80s and 90s and the lions’ share of HR opportunities would come from a recruitment agent and their trusty Rolodex or Filofax. I can almost picture the squabbles by the office fax machine around who needed to send their CVs out to clients first. Most of the jobs in HR would be advertised in the print versions of HR magazines such as Personnel Today or People Management and there would be page upon page of jobs… it is a very different picture these days (although I do have at least one colleague that still has a Filofax).

The number of jobs advertised in People Management has dwindled to a few in each issue and Personnel Today only exists in an online format presently. In recent times most HR professionals would turn to the online job boards for their next career move but even this has changed.

To date, our recruitment index has been based around figures gathered from these online job boards that include specialist HR sites as well as some of the well-known broad spectrum job boards. We no longer feel that this data alone gives an accurate reflection of the HR recruitment market. Because of this, we have decided to press the reset button and start again.

Those that are familiar with the retail shopping index will appreciate that consumer needs and tastes change over time. The typical shopping basket of the 1980s that may have included vol-au-vent cases and replacement paper for your Filofax would no longer be relevant in today’s retail shopping index. Who cares about the price of vol au vents? These things have gone out of fashion. In the same way, we have decided to update our shopping basket of data that we use to measure the number of HR jobs. Recruitment trends have changed and we want to make sure that we are always ahead of the game on this front… trendy bunch that we are!

We are still going to gather data from the job boards as this is still very relevant. In addition to this we are going to include HR recruitment data from social media sources and those opportunities advertised directly on recruitment agency sites. This will give a much more holistic view of the HR recruitment market. We want to understand where roles are being advertised so that we can provide market updates that are far more insightful and interesting.

More opportunities are being advertised on LinkedIn by the direct sourcing teams of employers who have taken recruitment in-house. There may also be fewer jobs advertised in the traditional areas so we will track this over time and as always provide our commentary. We want to measure how many jobs recruitment agents have on their site to gauge the split of jobs that are filled by agents vs those that are filled directly by employers. Overtime we will build a fresh outlook on the HR jobs market.

There will be a bit of radio silence on the HR recruitment index for the next few months. We want to gather a meaningful amount of data before we re-launch it. We would welcome any input into what we could include in our HR shopping basket of data. If you think that any particular pieces of information would be of interest as part of our analysis, let us know. Please do feel free to comment below or email me at – we love promoting debate and the more views we have the better!

Tom Gale
Head of HR Solutions

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