Preparing for your next interview with confidence


After what may feel like months and months on the job hunt, receiving the news that a company wants to have you in for an interview can be both exciting and terrifying. It was tough enough to remain hopeful during the job search, but now the anxiety sets in. While you are thrilled at the opportunity to prove you’ve got what it takes to land your dream position, it’s always quite possible your nerves will take over, ruining your shot. If you’re the type of person who second guesses themselves, keep reading for some tips on how to avoid these feelings and walk into your upcoming interview with all the confidence you need to wow your next potential employer.

Get out of your head
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the what if’s and analyse every single detail of what may happen at your interview. Maybe you’ll be up against internal candidates and why wouldn’t they get the job over you? Maybe the hiring manager won’t like your shirt. Or maybe my resume isn’t exciting enough and they’ll think I lack experience. These are all easy thoughts to think but should be avoided at all costs as they do nothing but tear down your confidence. Bring yourself back to reality with positive thoughts and affirmations that will in turn help you to smash the interview. This way, whether you’re offered the position or not, you’ve got these thoughts to look back on and remind yourself of for the next opportunity.

Inhale, Exhale
Remembering to breathe plays a large part in building and maintaining confidence, especially when it comes to the interviewing process. If you think of an interview as a marathon, rather than a sprint, you’ll feel much more confident going in. Take your time answering the questions asked and remain conscious of the pace at which you’re speaking. Consider practicing some breathing techniques prior to your interview in order to ensure you’re heading in feeling as calm and relaxed as possible.

Perfect your aesthetic
While looks aren’t everything, they help quite a bit in building confidence. If you go into your interview looking and feeling great you will have the poise you need to succeed. Whether it’s purchasing a new interview appropriate outfit or upgrading your grooming routine. Small changes go a long way. Leaving a great first impression is crucial, especially if you hope to be called back for future rounds of interviews. Having a professional appearance is worth the investment and will help to boost your confidence.

Humanize the meeting
It’s easy to feel intimidated by the person interviewing you, especially if they hold a high ranking within the company. You may even feel like the sole purpose of this interview is to be judged based on all of your past career experiences which can leave you feeling inferior. This is when it’s crucial to remember that they’re actually on your side. You submitted a resume that caught their attention and they’re taking time out to meet with you. If they were not impressed with your qualifications, they would have skipped on to the next applicant. Don’t let their position in the company or their role as the interviewer break down your confidence, but rather use it to your advantage and let them know what a great asset you would make to their company.

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