What can you do to kick start your year?

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It’s the same every year. There is a massive build up to Christmas , that seems to start at the end of August, the strange week of eating and drinking in between and the big bang celebration of New Year. Then the dreaded return to work…

It’s dark, generally wet, cold and windy too. Finding the motivation to get out of bed, let alone start the commute, takes a monumental effort. I am lucky enough to work remotely, so my commute was shorter than most. But I still struggled with getting up and found myself still clad in my PJs at 9am. A big no-no for me.

A strong cup of coffee and a quick change later and I’m back at my desk, frantically trying to remember what was on my to-do list. I am pretty sure it’s the same for most people, but perhaps with an extra call to IT to reset their now forgotten password.

It is no surprise that January is a peak time for recruitment, gyms and holidays. As those returning after the extended Christmas break reassess their options and choices.

What can you do to kick start your year?

1. Set goals, not resolutions – it’s common knowledge that very few resolutions made on January 1st are still in place come December 31st. In fact, according to this article 80% of resolutions are forgotten come February. However, it is always good to have something to aim for, a target to reach. January is a great time to think about what you want to achieve in the following year and work out what steps you need to take to get there. Whether it’s find a new job, secure a promotion or something on a personal level, this renewed focus will help to give your motivation a boost and help you get through the January slump.

2. Try something new – new things are exciting and having something new and different in your diary helps to lift some of the winter gloom. Why not register for an evening class, try a new cuisine or book a trip somewhere you’ve never visited before.

3. Declutter – we all have lots of things, things that if we’re honest with ourselves we don’t necessarily need or use. A good physical clear out can help give your mind a clear start. This is something I have personally taken to heart this year. From my kitchen cupboards to my kid’s toys, I’ve gone ruthlessly gone through, sorted, thrown away and reorganised. Everything now has its place and I can finally see where everything is.

It was refreshing to come into my office this morning to a nice, clean, tidy and organised desk. It gave my somewhat shaky start to the day a little more focus.

4. Look for the positive – it’s human nature to be a little pessimistic and focus on what we don’t have or don’t like about our lives. To want a bigger house, flatter stomach, better job etc. The list could go on and on. To give your New Year a boost, look for the positive. List what you achieved in the past year, things you like and should be grateful for. This renewed positivity will spread throughout your life and help to give you an optimistic outlook for the coming months.

To get me through the 5 long, dark weeks of January I’ve the goal of a big board presentation to aim for, an exciting trip to Iceland planned in February, I’ve decluttered like a pro and on a positive note, I don’t need to go out in the cold and dark to get to work. I can simply turn up the heating, whack on the radio and take the 10 steps needed to reach my office.

On behalf of us all here at Chiumento, I wish you all a fantastic, prosperous and happy New Year.

‘What can you do to kick start your year?’ was written by Verity Morrish, Marketing Manager at Chiumento.

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