Why looking for a job is like looking for love….


Looking for love and looking for a job have a lot more in common than you might first think. Most people don’t enjoy the process, it’s something they do to reach their goal of a new job/relationship…

So how can lessons in love help you with your job search…

1. Get ready for rejection – you’re not going to get the first, or maybe even the 10th job you apply for, just like you won’t fall in love with the first person you meet. So, get ready for some ‘thanks, but no’, or worse, no response at all to your applications. Don’t take it to heart, it isn’t personal. However, while ambition and self-belief are a good thing, try to apply for only those roles you realistically have a chance of getting. This will limit the number of rejections you receive and help to keep your confidence intact!

2. Technology has changed everything – ok so it’s hard to find a part of modern life that hasn’t been changed by technology, or namely the internet. But dating and job hunting are ones that have been totally revolutionised. Finding love is now more, swiping right on Tinder and less about talking to someone in a bar… Just as job hunting is now all about jobboards and LinkedIn and less about searching the job sections of newspapers and magazines. What this means is it’s easier and quicker. You can see a wider choice of roles, know more about any job before you apply, have a vast library of information on the company to help make your decision. The whole application process is also faster you can apply and potentially interview for a role within days rather than weeks.

3. Chemistry –someone can be a perfect match on paper and tick every box and requirement, but just not click when you meet in person. The same can be said when looking for a role. A job could sound great in the advert but when you turn up for an interview you realise it’s not the right place for you. Just as you might not be the right person for some organisations. Don’t underestimate the importance of chemistry, team or cultural fit. You will potentially spend more time with your colleagues than your family, so make sure the people and the company are the right match for you.

4. It won’t come to you – sitting and waiting for love to find you isn’t going to get you very far, the same can be said when job hunting. You need to make it clear you’re open to offers and be ready to make the first move when you see something you like. Check your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and visible to recruiters, have a CV and cover letter ready, register with relevant job boards and recruiters and check in with these on a regular basis. This will all increase your chances of finding and securing your next role.

If you need any other help and advice on finding your next role from keeping your job search a secret to making a good impression on your first day then check out our job seeking help and advice section.

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