Maintaining your confidence during your job hunt


Losing a job can be a difficult experience and one that can knock your confidence. Confidence is one of the most important things when searching for a job so it’s important to do all you can to stay positive and keep your self-belief. Those that enter interviews with a positive attitude will project that to the interviewer.

However, when you get rejected it can be disheartening and hard to maintain confidence in yourself.

1. Apply with care – Don’t apply for every job you see. Be discerning and apply for the jobs that you honestly believe you are qualified for and really feel you want to do. In doing this, you can be more enthusiastic about every application and that will come across as authentic. Also, if you apply for too many jobs, you are bound to be rejected – a lot. And that can knock your confidence. Applying with care and thought should increase your chance of making it through to interview and reduce the number of confidence-knocking rejections you receive.

2. Attitude – Confidence is all a state of mind and is based on self-belief. Think about all the things you have accomplished throughout your career. Reminding yourself of your achievements and all the skills and knowledge you have learnt will help you remain confident when applying for jobs and especially when you are interviewing.

3. Set yourself regular goals – We often talk about treating your job search like a job itself. Having a plan and getting into a routine can be really helpful to keep your energy, focus and confidence and peak levels. When you set yourself small goals it’s can be a real boost when you have success. A goal could be connecting with an old colleague and setting up a networking meeting or creating a tailored CV for a specific role. Every time you achieve a goal, it will help you stay confident in yourself and your plan.

4. Take your time – Try not to rush applications. The more time you spend on your CV, cover letters, preparing for interviews will give you confidence and means you won’t regret missing things and can be sure that all of your job searching activities will have been the best they could.

5. Do other things – you should make sure you are working hard on your job search. But taking time out to do other things will keep you refreshed and energised. This is important because it will help you remain positive.

6. It’s good to talk – Don’t shut people out. You’re bound to feel down, frustrated or angry at some point during your search. If you keep this to yourself it will just start to chip away at your self-worth and motivation. Make sure you’ve got someone or a network of people that you can talk to, vent your frustrations, let them out and then get back to the task at hand. Don’t let the negative thoughts fester and grow.

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