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Contingency recruitment: the real ‘mad men’?

I’ve recently been following a thread on LinkedIn. It questions whether it is fair for recruitment agencies to be asked to give 100% rebates when candidates don’t work out. The argument broadly being that the client has had a big part in selection, so why should the agency take the full hit when it doesn’t Read more about Contingency recruitment: the real ‘mad men’?[…]


How to help redundancy survivors…

  Redundancies are unfortunately, a part of modern business. Something people will go through once, if not many times during their career. As an outplacement provider we understand the importance of looking after those that are leaving, helping to give them as smooth a transition as possible towards their next role. But, what about those Read more about How to help redundancy survivors…[…]


What’s outplacement got to do with the price of cabbages?

Last month I listened to the CEO of Sainsbury’s being interviewed about their Christmas trading results. What I heard loud and clear was that consumer habits are changing and that retailers have to respond. How we buy is one of the biggest changes. More and more is spent on-line. No longer do many of us Read more about What’s outplacement got to do with the price of cabbages?[…]


Why looking for a job is like looking for love….

Looking for love and looking for a job have a lot more in common than you might first think. Most people don’t enjoy the process, it’s something they do to reach their goal of a new job/relationship… So how can lessons in love help you with your job search… 1. Get ready for rejection – Read more about Why looking for a job is like looking for love….[…]


Are cover letters a thing of the past?

When collating some of our previous articles on career and job seeking advice, I realised that we’d not written anything about cover letters. No advice on what to put in them, what to leave out etc. It got me thinking about whether they still formed a part of the job seeking process or whether they’d Read more about Are cover letters a thing of the past?[…]


What’s with the profile photographs on LinkedIn?

Many years ago, when I worked as a head-hunter, I did several campaigns in the US. One of the differences I noticed immediately was that CVs usually carried photographs of the candidates – something you rarely saw at that time in the UK. What had us all bemused was that most of the ‘snaps’ were Read more about What’s with the profile photographs on LinkedIn?[…]