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Why looking for a job is like looking for love….

Looking for love and looking for a job have a lot more in common than you might first think. Most people don’t enjoy the process, it’s something they do to reach their goal of a new job/relationship… So how can lessons in love help you with your job search… 1. Get ready for rejection – Read more about Why looking for a job is like looking for love….[…]


Are cover letters a thing of the past?

When collating some of our previous articles on career and job seeking advice, I realised that we’d not written anything about cover letters. No advice on what to put in them, what to leave out etc. It got me thinking about whether they still formed a part of the job seeking process or whether they’d Read more about Are cover letters a thing of the past?[…]


What’s with the profile photographs on LinkedIn?

Many years ago, when I worked as a head-hunter, I did several campaigns in the US. One of the differences I noticed immediately was that CVs usually carried photographs of the candidates – something you rarely saw at that time in the UK. What had us all bemused was that most of the ‘snaps’ were Read more about What’s with the profile photographs on LinkedIn?[…]

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Top tips for a successful job search…

Over the past year, along with our sister company Chiumento Recruitment, we’ve published many a piece of help and advice on how to successfully look for a new role.  We’ve covered the full job seeking process from updating your CV, presenting at interview and negotiating your starting salary to how to impress on your first Read more about Top tips for a successful job search…[…]


Outplacement is free – isn’t it?

Outplacement is one of the few benefits that employers can give out without creating a tax liability. Which is great news as when you’ve just been made redundant money is usually one of your biggest worries. However, is outplacement really free? From an employer’s point of view, it isn’t. In almost every case it will Read more about Outplacement is free – isn’t it?[…]


5 ways you can give your executive-level CV the edge

Guest Blog by: As any executive who has had to write a CV will tell you, an executive-level CV requires more work than any previous CVs you have written. You have to demonstrate reflective thinking and plan strategically, all of which requires you to put in extra time and effort. But it will pay off. Read more about 5 ways you can give your executive-level CV the edge[…]


Are Christmas parties worth the expense?

Today is our annual Christmas get together, where we’ll all don our Christmas jumpers, have a turkey dinner and no doubt enjoy a few glasses of wine. But it got me thinking, apart from some free food and drink for employees. What are the benefits of a Christmas shindig? According to research by event promotions Read more about Are Christmas parties worth the expense?[…]


How to deal with being made redundant…

Being made redundant, whether you’re expecting it or not can be a testing time. It can knock your confidence and be emotionally overwhelming. While it is never easy, there are things you can do to help ease the process. Don’t take it personally – while it’s hard not to take it as a personal insult, Read more about How to deal with being made redundant…[…]