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Investing in outplacement leaves less to chance

“The more I practice the luckier I get.” This is one of my favourite quotes. There is some debate about who originally coined it, but it’s most often attributed to the great South African golfer, Gary Player, when asked if he felt he’d been particularly lucky on one occasion. I’ve often stolen this great quote Read more about Investing in outplacement leaves less to chance[…]


Are homeworkers healthier?

I’ve just been reading an article from a US magazine that reports how sick leave amongst homeworkers appears to be 70% lower than for their office-based equivalents. As with all data, I think that raw statistic poses more questions than it provides answers. What it doesn’t tell us, for example, is whether fewer individuals are Read more about Are homeworkers healthier?[…]


How the pandemic has changed looking for a job.

Corona has changed many aspects of our lives and sitting here typing away it’s hard to find one thing that hasn’t been impacted by it. However, as we are in the business of helping people with their careers, for us we’ve noticed the changes it has brought to the job-seeking process.   Increased resilience – Read more about How the pandemic has changed looking for a job.[…]