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Questions to ask at interview – A quick guide

Do you struggle to think of suitable questions to ask at an interview? Here are a few topics to help you have a range of questions ready to ask… 1. Structure – Where does the role fit within the team/department/organisation. What is the management structure like. What areas of the business would you be working closest Read more about Questions to ask at interview – A quick guide[…]

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Why you should continue your job search in December

With Christmas just around the corner, many people would consider it best to pause their job hunt and focus on turkey and trimmings.  But don’t write off December too quickly, there are many reasons why it’s still worthwhile continuing your search for a new role. 1. There are still jobs out there – just because Read more about Why you should continue your job search in December[…]


Interview presentations – The Performance

So you’ve been asked to present at an upcoming interview…. But you didn’t panic you read our advice on how to prepare perfect interview presentations. Spent the past few days/week crafting a beautiful PowerPoint presentation, that totally hits the brief and showcases your expertise on the topic. But now it’s D Day and you’ve got to deliver Read more about Interview presentations – The Performance[…]


Interview presentations – The preparation

Interviews alone are enough to make most people nervous but throw in the need to do a presentation (or two) and it becomes an even more nerve-wracking prospect, especially if presenting isn’t something you do on a day to day basis. More and more organisations are using this form of assessment to gain a deeper Read more about Interview presentations – The preparation[…]

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Take the fear out of interviewing

You’ve done perhaps the hardest part of the recruitment process, stood out from the potential 100+ other applicants and been called to a face-to-face interview. But this is a scary prospect for many, with your chance at the job resting on your performance. Make sure yours doesn’t turn into the stuff of nightmares, here are Read more about Take the fear out of interviewing[…]


Mission: change the perceptions of outplacement…

As we’ve covered in various articles and blogs, outplacement was born in a very different world to the one it exists in today. The 1950’s outplacement was all about having somewhere to go, someone to speak to and to reduce the stigma that surrounded redundancy. The modern world has evolved and outplacement with it. However, Read more about Mission: change the perceptions of outplacement…[…]