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Take the fear out of interviewing

You’ve done perhaps the hardest part of the recruitment process, stood out from the potential 100+ other applicants and been called to a face-to-face interview. But this is a scary prospect for many, with your chance at the job resting on your performance. Make sure yours doesn’t turn into the stuff of nightmares, here are Read more about Take the fear out of interviewing[…]


Mission: change the perceptions of outplacement…

As we’ve covered in various articles and blogs, outplacement was born in a very different world to the one it exists in today. The 1950’s outplacement was all about having somewhere to go, someone to speak to and to reduce the stigma that surrounded redundancy. The modern world has evolved and outplacement with it. However, Read more about Mission: change the perceptions of outplacement…[…]

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The modern world of jobseeking…

2019 marks Chiumento’s 25th birthday, having read the recent blogs by our Chairman, Sarah it got me thinking about how much has changed in that quarter of a century. How I’ve lived, and to a certain extent worked, through the technological revolution. I won’t reveal my age, as apparently a lady never does, but let’s Read more about The modern world of jobseeking…[…]

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5 lessons learnt in 25 years of running a small business

To celebrate our 25th anniversary our Chairman, Sarah Chiumento, shares the lessons she’s learnt about running a small business over the past 25 years. Chiumento was launched in 2004 so is now celebrating its silver anniversary with some lovely posh chilly bottles in silver – very apt! So what have I learnt in those 25 Read more about 5 lessons learnt in 25 years of running a small business[…]