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…I mean seat!  Sorry, social media on the mind after attending Marketing Week Live last week.  I have to say what an impressive 2 days.  The event definitely delivered in my eyes and I intended to make the most of every minute.

The closest I can get to a complaint is there is so much to choose from you just can’t see it all!  I found myself looking at my conference schedule as if I were looking at a line up for a festival – if I go there I’ll miss the first half of…

I decided to split my two days. I spent the first day in awe of the head honchos of marketing attending some great conferences with the likes of Mondeleze International and panel discussions with brands such as Not On The High Street and Odeon.

MWL is mainly aimed at B2C and as a B2B business I have sometimes thought a lot of the conferences would not really be geared to help us.  But for anyone else who has come to this conclusion, think again.  Whether you are selling a product or a service you always have a ‘customer’ (or client as we like to call them).  And putting the ‘customer’ at the heart of your marketing, no matter how obvious that may seem, is key.

It was really refreshing to hear Andy Edge, Commercial Director at Odeon encouraging us to “keep it personal” and “keep it simple”.  The personal approach is something we have lived by for many years at Chiumento and will continue to live by for many years yet.

I spent my second day firmly seated in the Digital Training Theatre.  I hope the photos above will give you an idea of just how popular this room was.  In fact I don’t think I moved from my chair for 4.5 hours in order not to miss the next session or end up being cross legged in the aisle!

Back to back conferences with IDM, CIM and Econsultancy, jam packed with information, tips and advice which proved invaluable (my note book is overflowing)!  Social media was definitely a hot topic along with content marketing and marketing automation.

It was satisfying to find that we are already ticking the boxes on a lot of things (phew) but enlightening to see how we can further enhance what we are doing as well as learn some new tricks of the trade.

Funnily enough quite a few sessions focused on ‘what not to do and when not to do it’ something that I found really useful.  There is definitely a risk in marketing of biting off more than you can chew, I refer back to the comment Andy Edge made about keeping it simple.  Don’t use avenues that aren’t right for you, don’t use 3 social media platforms if 2 is all you really need.  As an SME trying to create enough great content to satisfy all these hungry engines is tough so focus on what’s relevant and what works best for YOUR business.

The conferences aren’t the only great thing about MWL, the ‘Personality’ section was full of great ideas for branded merchandise and ways of making your business stand out.  And the ‘Engage’ section to help us learn how to interact with customers and prospects.  I have to say the free giveaways aren’t bad either (ice cream…yes ice cream)!

Our CEO Ian Gooden said if I have come away with 2 or 3 things I can implement it was 2 days well spent.  I’m glad to say I have a long list to pick from!

Katy Nicholls
Marketing Executive

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