Is outplacement the new must have employee benefit?


I read, and shared this article recently on LinkedIn, written by a fairly recent graduate in the USA. It promotes the importance of outplacement and why ‘millennials’ should seek out an employer that offers it.

It made me think – is outplacement now a benefit that candidates are seeking and should employers state that they offer it to attract the best?

It seems slightly contradictory that in order appeal to potential new recruits, you have to state that you will offer to help them, should you make them redundant in the future.  Is it the equivalent of adding ‘I’ll buy you ice cream and wine when I break up with you’ to your tinder/online dating profile?

It may seem a little odd at first, but it is in fact a really good piece of advice.  Compared to 40-50 years ago the modern world is very short-term focussed. Most consumer goods have a much shorter shelf-life than they used to.  I remember having one sofa for my entire childhood, in fact my mum had it for over 25 years before she bought a new one.  I’ve not had one for more than 5 years and know plenty of friends that buy new ones more often.  When it comes to technology the turn over is even higher, phones, TVs, laptops all being replaced every few years.  It is no surprise that the same is seen in the working world.

Jobs for life are a thing of the past. It’s not uncommon for people to change roles every few years to make their way up the career ladder, but nor is it uncommon for restructures, mergers or financial issues to cause redundancies.  There is a big difference in looking for a new job while still employed than looking for one with the knowledge that you’ve got no source of income. It makes sense to ensure that you’ll be looked after should you be made redundant.

Benefit of outplacement to employees

The benefit of outplacement to workers is pretty straight forward. If your organisation will offer to support should you be let go you know you’re in good hands. The exact details of what you’ll receive depends on the programme you’ve been given but generally you’ll be given access to a career coach to help you find a new role ASAP. This is often accompanied by a range of online services such as eLearning modules and webinars.  At Chiumento our delegates also have the options to have their CV and LinkedIn profiles professionally written.

Benefit of outplacement to employers

Lots of organisations will talk about people being their most important asset. Have values about treating people fairly and with respect. Outplacement is a very visible sign that you, as an organisation, live up to your values, even during difficult times. Redundancies can also be very disruptive for all involved, whether staying or going. Having those that are leaving treated fairly will help make the process easier for everyone.  Departing employees will have help and a focus on finding a new role, rather than panicking and potentially disrupting those that are remaining.

Plus, as was mentioned at the beginning, it could help attract new employees. Perhaps we’ll soon see outplacement being mentioned in job adverts along-side other benefits such as, private healthcare, company car and product discounts.

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