Over 20 years’ experience supporting employers through large-scale group outplacement programmes.

Traditionally group outplacement programmes have been centered around workshops delivering key information to groups of around 12 employees, accompanied by individual 1-2-1 sessions with career coaches.

While we still deliver programmes in this way, we also have a more technology-led approach that allows your staff tailor their programme to fit their specific needs. Our Accelerator programmes, for example, are designed for those with a large-scale need and represent our most cost-effective offering.

Accelerator Programmes

Designed specifically for high-volume group outplacement requirements or where budget is the deciding factor, our Accelerator programmes are our most cost efficient offering. Driven by technology, the focus is on speed including the option to have a CV professionally written. This along with our elearning and webinars will ensure your people are job ready within a week and all at the lowest cost.

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While we love technology and all its benefits, we understand there will always be a need for room-based workshops.  If your group outplacement requirement is more suited to getting everyone together, we have experienced career coaches who can run workshops at locations across the country. We will organise workshops to suit the location and working patterns of your departing staff and tailor the subjects covered around their specific needs.

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Additional Support

Large scale redundancies affect more than just the departing staff. Those remaining or who are managing the process are also affected.  We offer a number of additional services to help support your HR function from assistance on the day of the announcement to training managers and supporting remaining staff.  We can help minimise the disruption that often comes with redundancies so engagement and productivity is maintained.

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Past Group Outplacement Projects

Nestle Factory Closure

During the programme we ran over 60 workshops, attended by 250 members of staff, more than 120 people had 1-2-1 meetings with a Chiumento consultant, we organised 2 recruitment fairs and by the end of the programme more than 80% of delegates had found new employment.

Customer Service Restructure

Over 1,000 roles affected over NW and NE England. We ran almost 200 workshops and provided online support to every member of staff. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with one location reporting over 80% of staff landing new roles before their office closed.


Power Station Closure

We provided support at five power stations which were getting ready for closure. Ongoing engagement and productivity was important as each were generating right up to closure. Workshops, job fairs and personalised financial advice ensure all staff were fully supported.