Why you shouldn’t give up your job search in the summer…


The school holidays are fast approaching, or already here for those in Scotland. Rush hour will be slightly less hectic as large chunks of workers head off on their summer holidays. But if you’re looking for a new job it can feel like the whole country has gone on a go-slow… Emails are met with out of office replies, interviews take weeks to arrange and decisions drag.

But rest assured while it may take longer, recruitment still happens during the summer months. Here are a few reasons why it’s good to be looking for a new role in the summer.

1. Summer down time – for my industries and sectors business as usual slows down. This gives hiring managers more time to spend on recruitment and interviewing candidates. Accountancy firms for example are generally busiest in winter and spring.

2. Companies are still recruiting – even if people are away on holiday or day dreaming of the beach, vacancies still need to be filled and people will still recruit, if you abandon your search you could miss out on that perfect role. You could also potentially have less competition as other jobseekers take a break.

3. Don’t forget contract hires many employers will hire temporary or contract workers over the summer to cover annual leave, while they may only last a few weeks or months. Some may turn into a permanent job. So don’t discount temporary vacancies, they are a great way into a company.

4. Networking – just like Christmas, summer seems to bring out people’s social sides. Summer parties, BBQs, sporting events. All reasons to get together and a great opportunity to network.

5. Diary pressures – while summer breaks can make arranging an interview a nightmare, it can also work in your favour. If a key decision maker has an upcoming holiday the recruitment process might be condensed, or decisions made quicker.

Take a break over the summer if you like, but don’t assume that you can’t get a new job in July and August. Keep applying, interviewing and networking until the minute you accept a new position. Don’t let these summer months go to waste!

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