Spreading the recruitment net – or is it something deeper?

If you are about to brief multiple recruitment agencies on your next vacancy just stop and ask yourself: why? If you think about it, it doesn’t really make that much sense and possibly reveals a lot more about your views of the recruitment industry than it does about your resourcing strategy.

To get really close to home let’s talk about HR jobs. Is it so hard in the current environment for a specialist HR recruitment consultant worth their salt to find a shortlist of good candidates?  Are HR professionals so loyal to their current employer they are more difficult than any other professionals to prise away? Are great HR people so hard to spot that you have to kiss lots of frogs to find a star?

If the answer to the first question is yes then your recruitment partner has some real issues with their resourcing strategy. They either don’t have the right networks or the right routes to market. Result: you don’t trust them to find good candidates.

If your consultant tells you the answer to the second question is yes then perhaps they aren’t an effective advocate for your business. If they can’t sell your role and your business, why are you entrusting your vacancy to them at all?

And if the answer to question number three is yes too you’ve got another problem. It means you don’t trust your recruitment partner to know what good looks like or understand cultural fit.

The common theme: trust. That’s why we think many clients brief multiple agencies – you don’t trust any one of them to do the job consistently. It’s not spreading the net its reducing the risk.

What you may not realise is that rather than reducing the risk you are probably increasing it. Agencies working on a multiple supplier contingency basis know that they have perhaps a 1 in 3 chance of filling any vacancy. So to earn a crust they have to work on a huge number of roles as they know that 2 out of 3 times they won’t make a fee.

And it is that 66% of wasted effort that is the problem. Rather than work on a small number of vacancies that they can devote quality time and resource to, agencies have to spread themselves too thin over too many jobs. That’s why clients don’t get the service and candidates feel they are just being processed through a machine.

The solution is simple. And it’s a win: win. If two thirds of your effort isn’t being wasted you can do an outstanding job on a small number of vacancies. And an agency can operate on lower fees if they convert almost every job they work on. Clients and candidates alike get great experiences and employers spend less.

Trust has to be there for employers to give you exclusive roles. The great news for Chiumento is that we are seeing that trust coming through. And in return clients are getting great service at a fabulous price. So before you brief multiple agencies on your next HR job take two minutes out to visit our website.

Tom Gale
Head of HR Solutions