HR recruitment market polarises

This month we’ve been working on our candidate attraction strategy for 2013. In doing so we’ve looked long and hard at what is going on in the HR jobs market and spotted some key trends. The most interesting of which is how in-house recruiters and agencies appear to be adopting polar opposite approaches to sourcing Read more about HR recruitment market polarises[…]

Career Compass Programme

In our “Riding the Career Carousel” research, Chiumento challenged whether the concept of the career ladder was still valid. Flatter and leaner organisations, lower staff turnover and the lifting of the Default Retirement Age (DRA) are just some of the ingredients in a new career reality. So if “promotion” is no longer the definition of career success, Read more about Career Compass Programme[…]

Riding the Career Carousel

In September 2009 we published a Green Paper entitled “Releasing performance: the new agenda for HR”. In it we introduced the concept of Corporate Prisoners* – employees who stay with an organisation without being fully engaged. Response to the report was phenomenal – with media coverage on and off line around the world. As a result Read more about Riding the Career Carousel[…]