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How to deal with bullying in the workplace…

Unfortunately bullying isn’t just confined to the school playground. For many bullying in the workplace is a reality and something they have to endure on a daily basis.  As the recent expose of Harvey Weinstein has shown someone in a position of power has the ability to use that power to their advantage, to bully Read more about How to deal with bullying in the workplace…[…]

benefits of outplacement

The benefits of outplacement…

Since I started at Chiumento I’ve had to explain to friends and relatives what the benefits of outplacement are. Many have never heard of it, either they’ve been lucky enough to have never been made redundant, or unlucky that their previous employer didn’t see the benefit in offering outplacement to their departing staff. Many of Read more about The benefits of outplacement…[…]


Management or leadership? Four words that will help you decide.

I often get asked what’s the difference between management and leadership. For me each is characterised by just four words. You can spot a manager a mile off because they operate through the four P’s – Position, Power, Policy and Procedure. Managers rely on organisation charts and structures for their authority. They’re the boss because Read more about Management or leadership? Four words that will help you decide.[…]

Riding the Career Carousel

In September 2009 we published a Green Paper entitled “Releasing performance: the new agenda for HR”. In it we introduced the concept of Corporate Prisoners* – employees who stay with an organisation without being fully engaged. Response to the report was phenomenal – with media coverage on and off line around the world. As a result Read more about Riding the Career Carousel[…]