What to put in your cover letter?

Cover letters may not play the same role in recruitment as they have in the past, in fact your cover letter might not be a letter at all.  More of a supporting statement added to an email or a job board application. Whatever form it take there is still a need for additional information to Read more about What to put in your cover letter?[…]


Why you shouldn’t give up your job search in the summer…

The school holidays are fast approaching, or already here for those in Scotland. Rush hour will be slightly less hectic as large chunks of workers head off on their summer holidays. But if you’re looking for a new job it can feel like the whole country has gone on a go-slow… Emails are met with Read more about Why you shouldn’t give up your job search in the summer…[…]


Why looking for a job is like looking for love….

Looking for love and looking for a job have a lot more in common than you might first think. Most people don’t enjoy the process, it’s something they do to reach their goal of a new job/relationship… So how can lessons in love help you with your job search… 1. Get ready for rejection – Read more about Why looking for a job is like looking for love….[…]

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Top tips for a successful job search…

Over the past year, along with our sister company Chiumento Recruitment, we’ve published many a piece of help and advice on how to successfully look for a new role.  We’ve covered the full job seeking process from updating your CV, presenting at interview and negotiating your starting salary to how to impress on your first Read more about Top tips for a successful job search…[…]


Making first impressions count

Making first impressions count is vital when looking for a new role. Before they meet you most employers will take have built a picture of you from a variety of sources. They will have looked at your CV and probably your LinkedIn profile. They may have received a summary from a recruitment agent.  Of course Read more about Making first impressions count[…]


I’ve got a job offer. Now what?

It is nice to be wanted. And career-wise nothing sends a stronger message than a job offer. Getting an offer is to be celebrated. There may have been hundreds of applicants and you’re the one who has been chosen. It tells you your CV was pretty impressive and your interview skills were better than others. Read more about I’ve got a job offer. Now what?[…]


Top 3 tips to survive when hiring decisions dry up

I’ve spoken to a number of senior execs over the last few weeks and they’ve all told me the same thing. Hiring decisions have slowed dramatically. Things seem to be following a typical pattern, during times of uncertainty things slow down. More than a year on and Brexit, in whatever form it takes, is with Read more about Top 3 tips to survive when hiring decisions dry up[…]


Why didn’t I get that job?

Often it is down to just two key factors. One you can control, the other you can’t. Recognising the difference is important, not just to the practicalities of job search but also your well-being. When you get a phone call or an email telling you that your application hasn’t been successful, it hurts. Even when Read more about Why didn’t I get that job?[…]